My New Website Design


You'll notice I have a brand new website design. I'm really happy with this simple, but elegant design. The reason for my wanting to change the design is that I've been wanting to change my branding for a while now. While I still write romance and will continue to do so because let's face it I love to write and romance is my favorite, I've also been working on other projects for the last few years, and I want to be able to share them with you all in one place. 

I'm altering my branding to include my low content books which are under the Blessed Creations Stationary imprint. You'll find the link to this imprint's Amazon page under books. I've also added links to my Ko-Fi store and my Redbubble store where you'll find my printables and POD products respectively. 

I've been writing articles on Medium for nearly three years. So, if you're interested topics like slow living, AI, making money online, book promotion, mental health and spirituality then I encourage you to check out my profile. Most of my articles are behind the Medium paywall, but you can read I believe it's three articles a month for free. 

Finally, I've added a Spiritual link on my website. I've been doing readings for friends and family for years and have decided to open this up to my community as well. I don't plan on charging for these readings which I'll do using my own oracle card deck however, I will make it possible for you to give a donation if you find the reading useful but it won't be required. The details haven't been solified yet, I will post on here and social media when I'm ready to begin doing readings. 

I hope you enjoy the new simplified design. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think.