The Mirror Image

Cute Corgi by Regina Paul.

Have you ever been afraid, I mean well and truly afraid? I have, in fact if I'm not careful I live in fear a lot of the time. Fear is often my default and in fact I'm sure I'm not the only one who lives by fear. Fear of what's going to happen next, (what if it's bad?). Fear of all the what ifs. Sometimes I just get scared for no reason, and I know I am not alone in this. We all deal with fear at one time or another whether that is fear of not having enough money, or love or success or you name it. 

Here's the thing though, when you allow fear to be your default, then all you draw to yourself are things to be afraid of. That's right, you will then only draw things to be afraid of. Some call this the "law of attraction" and I suppose that's as good a name for it as any. I prefer what my husband calls "the mirror image," a term he uses for a teaching he learned from his relatives who are both Nez Perce and Lakota. What this means is that what you show to the world ie what you send out, the world shows or mirrors back to you. Angry about something? Then expect that you're going to have something show up in your life that makes you angry. In fact, as long as you show or mirror anger to the world then the world is going to mirror back that emotion to you. On the flip side if what you are sending out is love, or peace, or healing then you in turn will receive those things back from the people, situations and so on that you come into contact with. 

I can give you a great example of this. So last week on Wednesday something happened at work that made me feel very betrayed and as if I was not being listened to, that made me feel powerless. Guess what happened over the next few days? The universe mirrored back to me something that made me feel powerless and betrayed. You are going to laugh when you hear what it was! 

So what happened? One of my neighbors dogs shit and peed all over around my front door, not just one day but three days in a row. The first day it happened I was still really made when I went to the bus stop to go to work. Guess what happened? Another thing to make me feel angry and betrayed. My bus never came. I waited for a solid thirty minutes for my bus to come, my app kept saying it was coming and the really funny thing was, it actually at one point said it had arrived. All while I was standing there waiting for it. Every other bus imaginable eventually came, but the one I needed to get to work on time. 

I had to laugh on the bus ride to the light rail because I knew I had simply manifested what I had been feeling the day before. So, instead of getting mad I just tried to relax on way my to the light rail. I knew I was going to be very late to work, so I called and everyone at work know that needed to know and continued to try and relax. I honestly hate riding the light rail in Seattle. There are always homeless people sleeping in the cars, and we've even had people smoking Fentanyl which is scary. But even worse is it doubles and sometimes triples the amount of time it takes me to get to work. Nevertheless, I finally made it to work.

All day my intuition was pinging saying that this was not going to be the only incident with the dog leaving "presents" all around my front door. Of course when I woke up Friday and looked just as I "feared" the dog had left me several "presents." 

My worst fear though was that I was going to have to clean up after the animal myself on Saturday because on that day there is no maintenance crew on manager on site. Sure enough upon awakening on Saturday morning, the dog had again left his or her calling card. So, I put on my gloves and grabbed a roll of paper towels and a plastic bag so I could go and clean up the mess the dog had made for the third time. Needless to say I was not a happy camper! Feelings of anger, fear and powerlessness were running through me. 

But then my intuition pinged again. What if there was some substance that would be harmless to the dog but that I could spray around my front door to keep the dog from doing his business there. A few typed words on Google gave me the answer, or rather several choices, rubbing alcohol, vinegar or ammonia. I already have rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle (don't ask why! LOL) in my apartment. So instead of feeling angry, powerless and upset, I listened to my intuition and found something that will hopefully keep the dog away from my front door tonight. Once I had a possible solution that I could easily apply, my anger, and feelings of helplessness dialed down several knotches. 

How has the "mirror image" played out in your life? I'd love to hear your stories!