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Genre: Science Fiction Erotic Romance/M/M

Crew left his older lover Eagle to go into space, realizing his lifelong dream of visiting other worlds. He was not ready to settle down when Eagle wanted to formalize their bond, but instead had dreams of exploring the universe. Eagle, a professor, has no use for space faring, he just wants to keep his feet on terra firma and live happily ever after with Crew. Crew knows Eagle was deeply hurt and angered by what he believed was Crew's desertion.

Now Crew is back. He's not sure what kind of homecoming he will receive when Eagle finds out he has returned. Will the man who still holds the keys to his heart and desire make him welcome or only tease and then reject him in order to get revenge?

Alien Dreams

Genre: Science Fiction Erotic Romance/M/F

Denara has been dreaming of a star ship and a handsome alien named Lamdarak since she was a young girl. Now an adult, Denara is convinced her dream journeys are completely real. While Lamdarak has always been affectionate and loving towards her, Denara has been in love with him for years. Can she convince Lamdarak she is no longer a child but an adult, and that she is ready to take the next step in their relationship? Even if Lamdarak agrees, how can they have a true relationship when the only way they can be together is in alien dreams?