Regina Reviews: Diagnosis Wolf by Macy Blake

Title: Diagnosis Wolf
Author: Macy Blake
Genre: M/M Paranormal Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Eagle Feathers

Andrew is a nurse who is on the edge. His younger brother has robbed him blind for ten thousand dollars, and he doesn't have a steady job. His temp agency hasn't called in a week, and he's getting desperate since he wants nothing more than to pay off the mountain of debt that his brother has created for him. Since he is unwilling to press charges against Danny for fraud, Andrew has to deal with the mess his brother has created in his life.

Caleb is very sick and getting sicker which is odd because he's a werewolf. While there are some things that can take a werewolf down, there aren't many. Even when a werewolf does become ill they are usually able to shift and this can make them better, but Caleb isn't getting better and he can't shift. Something will have to give soon, or Caleb could die.

When Andrew's temp agency finally calls with a job, he is ecstatic until he hears that none of the nurses they've sent have made it past the front door. The job pays three times what Andrew normally makes, and he is determined to be the nurse that makes it past the front door. However, when he arrives things are a bit strange. He can hear a dog growling in the room, there is no medical chart, and no one seems to know what is wrong with his patient. Deciding that it's not worth it to get into it with the patient's bodyguards, Andrew is on his way out the door when he meets his patient's father. The man convinces him to try the job for three days, and if they haven't been able to convince him to stay and take care of Caleb then he can quit. Andrew really needs the money and allows himself to be convinced. But only on the condition that he doesn't have to have much contact with the man's bodyguards. His patient's father agrees and sends the bodyguards away. Andrew does what he does best and to the best of his ability takes care of his patient. The fact the man even sick is gorgeous, as well as the fact that he is inappropriately attracted to said patient, keeps him around. And the attraction is mutual, leading to a very hot kiss. But Caleb and his family are hiding something, something that might be too much for the all too human Andrew. When it becomes apparent that on top of all that, Caleb's brother Danny is in big trouble and that trouble intersects with Caleb's trouble, it's almost too much for Andrew to take. Will Andrew be able to accept what Caleb is? Can  he save Danny without sacrificing his growing relationship with Caleb?

I really enjoyed reading Diagnosis Wolf by Macy Blake. This book is well worth reading if you enjoy m/m paranormal romance. The love scenes are emotional, and the budding instalove between the two has just enough conflict to keep the reader interested. The characters are well written and very easy to relate to making this an easy favorite. Plus who can resist a happy ending? I'm happy to recommend this delightful story.