Free Serial Romance: Wolf Dreams by Regina Paul, Part 8

I dropped down to a B in one of my main accounting classes. I'm so depressed about that, I've been able to maintain a 4.0 GPA until now but I think this thing with Sarah is going to take up more of my time than I originally thought. Still I have to help her and in order to help her I have to learn more about the Fae which is requiring me to do a lot of reading. The book that Barbara gave me is seriously long. I've only read about a hundred pages but the font is so small that it's the equivalent of reading old English. It's driving me nuts!

I'm taking a break. If I try to read one more sentence I'm going to be on brain overload. The Fae are not a nice bunch overall. According to the book, they're deceitful, tricky and on some occasions can be downright mean. Makes me glad that I'm mostly human, I can't say I want to claim any of them including my illustrious ancestor whoever he might be. Of course honestly it could be a she, not like the Fae are even remotely maternal from what the book says. In fact, think T-Rex on steroids. They're either so overly protective that they smother their child and have been known to smother a child if said child didn't do what they want. Yeah,  most likely a male Fae knocked up one of my ancestors and then went on his merry way. Such a depressing thought.

I must've fallen asleep because when I woke up it was dark outside and the only light from a nightlight I'd plugged in earlier. I hated the dark. I frequently woke up from night terrors as a child, many involving something bad happening to Sarah, so some kind of light to push back the dark is necessary. 

I'm not sure what woke me up, but then I hear this sound. I listen for a few minutes, it almost sounds like...scratching? The longer I listen the louder it gets. I put my hands over ears to drown out the awful scratching sound. I don't know why but I must find and silence the sound. I get up and begin stumbling around, stopping here and there to see if I can tell where the sound is coming from. It seems like  no matter where I go in my tiny abode, I cannot find the source of the terrifying sound. Some distant part of me is screaming at me to find it and silence it. I turn in a circle and then...there! 

I am facing the full length mirror I purchased when I was in high school and going through a "fashion" faze. The disturbing sound was coming from the mirror! I reached out to touch the surface when a god awful voice came from it.

"Touch the portal, Princess. All you need do is touch it and step through where I will be waiting for you." What made the voice so awful was that it was like two voices at once. One that sounded like nails being pulled down a chalkboard and one cultured and smooth, sexy even.

I have this overwhelming urge to touch the now black surface of the mirror, to just step through into the darkest of nights. There is a part of me screaming in the back of mind but I am helpless against the force of that voice. "Just another step, Princess, just one more." The two voices blended perfectly and I could feel its triumph as against my will my arm lifted and my hand stretched out towards the mirror. Just as I am about to touch it...

I hear a zipping sound as though an arrow is flying through the air and past my right ear. No Leilani, don't touch the mirror. 

Sam crashes into me from my right, knocking my arm and hand away from the mirror and I stumble backwards. 

Leave her be! Sam hisses, one paw up with his claws extended in front of the mirror. I shake my head.

"Sam?" I whisper, trying to figure out how my feline friend made it to my home.

"Oh, look at this, the illustrious Sam. You can't save her you know." The voice was fully the awful gravely, horrid voice that I heard before underneath the suave voice.

She is not for the likes of you!

I watch, my feet frozen to the floor as a hand gnarled with age and tipped with long sharp yellow fingernails reaches through the black surface of the mirror towards Sam.

Not today! Sam snarled and reaching out he jabbed his claws into the hand, pulling back until he drew blood in the form of three long bloody scratches.

The voice growled and pulled its hand back through the mirror leaving a streak of blood on the black surface. The surface rippled once before it smoothed out. 

Sam began chanting in a language I've never heard before. "Sam what are you doing?" I whispered. 

Sealing the portal so he can't come back through.

"Who is he?"

An enemy.

"Is it the guy who has Sarah?"


Sam tapped the mirror surface three times and I was looking at a silver surface again which had the image of my friend Sam.

You need to wake up now, Leliani, wake up!

I sit up in bed with a gasp. A dream, it was just a dream. 

Something moves at my feet and there is Sam licking one of his paws. He shivers, Nasty taste, Fae blood.

Okay, so not a dream exactly. I'm so confused.

You're right, it wasn't a dream exactly. Barbara had a premonition that there was more going on here than meets the eye, so she sent me through one of her mirrors to help you. Unfortunately, the only mirror available was the one in your compact. I'm afraid I shattered it when I came through because it was closed.

I reached forward and pulled Sam into my arms. "That's okay. I can always replace a compact. You saved me, thank you Sam." I hug him tightly to my chest.

Sam nuzzles my face. No problem. He purrs.

I lay back down, Sam cuddled to my chest. Just before I drift off, I hear laughing, you know the kind the villain has when he thinks he's won.

When I wake up in the morning, Sam is gone, but so is the compact that was sitting on the table beside my bed. And the mirror? Well the mirror looks just as it always has until I get up and look more closely. There is a small drop of dried blood on the far left surface. I leave it there. If I'm right, it's part of the spell that Sam wove to keep the mirror from being a portal and blocking out whoever tried to lure my me through it.

And the book on the Fae, it is exactly where I left it at the end of my bed, only it's open to a page titled,
"How to Deflect the Magic of a Fae." 

It appears that Sam and Barbara want me to read that section next. But first? First I have to get ready for class and work in the afternoon. 

I head for the shower to start my day.

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