Excerpt Wednesdays: Excerpt from Alien Deceptions by Regina Paul

Darek opened the front gate before going down the walk toward
Angel’s front door. He wasn’t sure why he was here, especially
after the set down she’d given him about only coming back for
one question session. He ran his hand through his hair
nervously, and then brought it down to stare at it as though he’d
never seen it before. He never felt nervous around women.
Always the consummate charmer, they’d simply fallen all over
him even before he was old enough to appreciate them. What is
different about Angel? Even as he asked himself the question, he
knew the answer. Angel didn’t fall all over him. In fact she acted
like she couldn’t stand him and didn’t want any part of him. So,
why am I here? Today of all days when I should be going over my duty
roster and attempting to find out what the Greys as the Earthers call
them wanted here? He knew that something felt wrong.
Something just hadn’t felt right when he woke this morning to
Earth’s bright sun through his quarter’s windows. He simply
knew he had to see her.
Growls from the other side of the door greeted him, and they
weren’t friendly. Darek sent his mind in search of the animal’s
mind. The wolf’s mental world showed a confusion of pictures,
the uppermost one being of the grey-colored beings he’d been
studying. Another showed simply an emotion of bright angry
swirling colors of red. He knew instantly the wolf had been
somehow frozen and unable to move to protect his mistress as
they’d taken her from the house. Then he understood she’d been
abducted again in his absence. A strange feeling of
protectiveness overcame him, and he sent calming and
reassuring thoughts to the wolf on the other side of the door,
promising in pictures to help his mistress.
The growls ended abruptly as the animal received his
message. He heard the animal scratch at the door, whining low
in his throat. Even before Darek could lift his hand to turn the
doorknob, the wolf flashed him a picture of Angel, her hair
matted with soap lying on the low couch in her living area with
tears rolling down her face. He knew with a tentative mind
touch she slept the unconscious sleep of someone trying
desperately to overcome shock.
He turned the knob quietly and entered the house. The wolf
stood exactly on the other side; his body planted protectively
against any more invaders. Darek held his hand out for the
intelligent animal to learn his scent. The wolf in a gesture of total
trust made a sound low in his throat and gently gripped the
man’s hand in his jaws, his yellow eyes trusting.
Darek waited for the wolf to release him, accepting his
gesture. He stared down into eyes that mirrored his pain at
being unable to help his mistress.
Finally, the wolf released his hand and then led him into the
living room, whining again when he saw Angel lying on the
couch. The animal pushed his cold, wet nose against her bare
neck several times trying to wake her.
Darek watched as Angel shuddered and pushed the cold
nose from her neck. She was clearly still asleep, not wanting to
wake up.
“Not now, Wolf,” she mumbled.
Darek simply stood there, not wanting to startle her. When
he happened to look down he saw where her robe had parted to
expose dried blood on her thighs. His stomach somersaulted
crazily for a moment. The blood had trickled all the way down
to her ankles and led a path up to the juncture of her thighs. It
didn’t take a rocket scientist to know that she’d been violated.
Darek almost turned, almost walked away. He couldn’t stand
the thought that she’d been hurt like that. He didn’t even know
her and violated his people’s laws by contacting her for reasons
other than finding her father, but he didn’t care. He just didn’t
care! For the first time he thought he had an inkling of why his
father felt so against the non-interference laws. Perhaps the laws
needed to be bent at times. Like now when another world
suffered what his had suffered two centuries before. Like this
time when a woman had been harmed and was suffering and
would most likely continue to suffer if someone didn’t intercede
on her behalf, if someone didn’t interfere.
His mind made up, Darek gently moved the wolf aside and
knelt before Angel’s still form. Not touching her physically
knowing it would terrify her in the state of shock she was now
in, he gently nudged her mind.
“Angel, Angel, you must wake up.”
“You must wake up!”
“No, I won’t!” Her mind voice sounded angry and then her
eyes shot wide open.
Darek watched as Angel’s mind registered that he was there.
It only took her another second to scramble to the other end
of the divan and scream, “Get away from me!”
“Angel, you’re hurt. Let me help you. I can help you.” He
kept his voice gentle and calm.
“Go away!” Her words reverberated against his eardrums.
“You can’t help me. No one can! They’ll come back! They always
come back! No one can stop them. They’re too powerful. Their
technology is too advanced! Oh, God, just leave me alone!”
As she shuddered and put her face in her hands before
starting to weep uncontrollably, Darek felt his throat try to close
up with his grief. “Just leave me alone! Leave me alone!” When
she sobbed, he didn’t know what to do.
When he touched her mind he found thoughts of death and
terror. It was clear the thought of it was more than she could
bear. Her feelings indicated she thought if she could just die, if
her heart would just stop, this would be the only way to escape.
Darek sat beside her, still not touching her. “I can help you
Angel. I can. Please let me.”
His continued light mind touch revealed her humiliation that
another person was witnessing her complete breakdown in the
face of something she couldn’t control.
“What don’t you understand about the word, ‘no’,” she
screamed at him, “How many times do I have to tell you to go
away before you will?” Her eyes flashed wild and hysterical.
When she jumped from the couch and ran to open the door,
screaming, “Get out,” he knew no matter what she did, he
couldn’t leave her in that condition. She needed medical help
badly, but he knew she wouldn’t get it from her people. Most of
her people didn’t believe her, even with physical evidence. He’d
have to let her wear herself out.
“Get out!” By this time, her voice sounded hoarse.
Darek simply looked at her and said, “No.”
Her hair flew wildly around her face as she slammed the
door shut and raced at him. Her hands curved inwardly into
claws, her long nails about to become weapons. “Why won’t you
just leave me alone?” She shrieked before she attacked him
ready to claw his face to shreds.
He grabbed her wrists firmly just before she cut his cheeks
with her nails. “Because you need help,” he told her calmly
staring into her wild eyes.
“Argh!” She shrieked, wiggling desperately in his grasp to
get her wrists free, but she was no match for Darek who stood
over a foot taller and weighed at least eighty pounds more than
her small frame.
“Stop it,” he said quietly, shaking her wrists a bit. “I’m not
going away, but neither am I going to hurt you. Calm down
When she stared at him blankly for a moment, he could tell
from her thoughts that some part of his voice finally broke
through to her. When tears began to fall again and she croaked
out, “They put something inside me again, Darek. They put
something inside me.” She wept again and fell against him.
“Why do they keep doing this to me? Why? Why?”
Darek closed his eyes as he realized what they’d done to her.
Dear Goddess, they’ve implanted her with one of their hybrids, one of
their freaks of nature. A conglomeration of their genetics, hers and
some poor human male’s who has probably also been violated. Pain
sliced through him, and he realized he’d lost all his objectivity
where this woman was concerned. He wrapped his arms around
her tightly, rocking back and forth. His eyes sought the wolf’s
and found his pain and helplessness mirrored there.