Manic Monday: What to Do When You Get a Bad Review...

Okay, we've all had them, the bad review. Hell, I've given a few in my lifetime. I don't like to give them I certainly know what it feels like on the receiving end and it sucks. But I've learned a few ways to deal with getting bad reviews and here they are:

1. Don't get respond with any other words other than, "thank you."

2. Realize that reviews are just opinions and that not everyone is going to like your book.

3. If the bad review is on Amazon or B&N or another distributor and it's the only review you have, find a few reviewers that liked your book and ask them to post it on these distributor sites so it balances your rating out.

5. Have a glass of wine, or a piece of chocolate and forget about it. After all it's just one measly review, in the long run it doesn't mean much.

And that's my advice this Monday for when you get a bad review. Have a great week! :-)