New Book!

I'm so excited to tell you about my newest release Their Omega! This is a story I've been working on for a while. If polyamory or the suggestion of mpreg isn't your thing than read no further. But if it is and I hope it is, here's a taste!

This book is the first book in Leap of Faith Publishing's Lite Delights series, hot, short stories that are only 99 cents! As such they are only available from the Leap of Faith Publishing e-book store. Just click the cover to be taken to the sales page.


Could the two sexy alpha wolves that have been checking him out be his mates?
Devon is young at eighteen, and an omega wolf. Born to two lone alphas he has never been part of a pack. However, that has not stopped him from watching two gay alpha lone wolves in his town and dreaming. They’ve been watching him too, and Devon can only hope now that he’s old enough, his romantic dreams are about to come true. Will Ben and Hal take him as their mate, or are they only looking for a good time with a hot young omega?
I remember the first time I saw them out the window of our break room. They were walking into a bar across from the grocery store I worked in, and while they didn’t hold hands exactly I knew they were close, especially when one guy’s hand brushed the other guy’s ass. I popped wood seeing that and had to put a book in my lap so no one saw. A book I’d been reading while sitting with a few co-workers in the break room.
I watched until they disappeared inside the bar, but not before one of them turned around, grinned and winked at me. I felt my face heat before I dropped my eyes, and tipped my head to one side submissively. My parents always told me if I ever came into contact with alphas this was the way to show respect. Since these were the first two I’d ever seen let alone met, it was the first time I’d felt the instinct to do so. When I looked up again, they’d both disappeared inside the darkened bar.
That was three years ago when I was fifteen. I just turned eighteen last week and I'm still watching Hal and Ben walk into the same bar just like they do every Saturday afternoon. The same as they have every Saturday for the last three years. I've never had the nerve to go up and talk to them, but I’ve caught them watching me just as closely as I've watched them when I thought they didn’t know I was looking. I knew I was playing with fire, I know I’m still playing with fire. I want them, boy do I want them. They’re tall, dark and hairy, one of my kinks. I love bears, love the way they look, love to fantasize about their beards rubbing across my body, just the thought will make my nipples stand at attention. I love to dream about what their hot hairy bodies will feel like rubbing against mine, what it will feel like to be trapped between them, one with his cock in my ass, and one in front of me sucking my cock maybe, while he twists my nipples tight. I like the idea of a little pain, it gets me off. Nothing extreme mind you, but having my nipples clamped, or my ass spanked? Yeah, those kinds of fantasies are my favorite, and for the last three years, those two alphas have starred front and center in every single one.
Too bad it’s all just a dream. No alpha is ever going to be interested in me…