Regina Reviews: Threadbound by KM Avery

Title: Threadbound

Author: KM Avery

Genre: M/M Fated Fae Romance

Pages: 564

Rating: Dreamcatcher Recommended Read


When Jamie moved to Edinburgh for graduate school, he wasn’t looking for adventure or romance—he just wanted to escape the monotony of small-town Tennessee and the constant anxiety of having to live with his step-father. The ancient city and even more ancient crags drew him in, and he immersed himself in his studies and the atmosphere of Scotland.

Bran mac Cairn still hasn’t come to terms with the fact that he’s been tied to a half-breed.

If he had to be one of the threadbound, tied to another by drawing his first breath at the same exact instant, why couldn’t he have been tied to someone powerful? Someone interesting? But no, Bran had to be tied to a completely ordinary-seeming human half-breed who had thus far spent his life in a place Bran wouldn’t be caught either dead or alive in.

The threads that bind them are growing impatient.

At twenty-five, all threadbound are expected to formalize their bond. But Jamie knows nothing about it, and Bran has no desire to be any more permanently attached to an annoying mortal than he already is. Except that he also can’t stay away.

A standalone M/M fated Fae Romance with a HEA.


Jamie Weaver is an abuse survivor. At sixteen one of his teachers offered him an old trailer to live in so he could get away from his abusive stepfather. Being knocked around and having broken bones became a way of life after Jaime's mother married Bill Eckel, but at least the trailer kept him from having to be there. He missed his mother and half-siblings but knew his mother wouldn't leave her abuser. When one too many hits to the head sends Jaime's mother on a road that leads to dementia and finally death, he knows he has to get out of his home town if he wants to have any kind of a life. So, he goes to Scotland, the land where he was conceived, though his mother refused to tell him who his father was. He has no idea this choice is about to lead him down a path he could never have imagined.

Bran mac Cairn is having a hard time. He was bound at birth to someone he considers beneath him, someone who is half human and half fae. Worse the man appears to be mortal, meaning he has no magic at all that Bran can see. He's been looking for a way to get out of the bond, but it hasn't been easy. By not forming the bond by age twenty-five, the lore of his people says that Bran will go mad. And truthfully, he's not doing well. In a bid to stave off going man, Bran leaves his home and goes into the mortal dimension. He takes his bird form, a raven to watch and stay close to Jaime. It helps, but he's still weaker than he should be, and his magic is harder to work with. But Jaime is more than he seems, more than a weak, uninteresting mortal as Bran has mentally dubbed him. 

I absolutely LOVED this slow-burn fantasy romance! The world building is incredible and so descriptive that you feel as if you are there. The relationship builds slowly but in such a way that you know when these two characters finally get it together, its going to be so good! This is a long book, and I for one really love long books, providing there is enough there to keep me interested. In the case of Threadbound, there was more than enough to keep my eyes glued to the pages. The relationship between Jaime and Bran is complicated by the fact that Jaime is unaware that his father is Fae. Bran knows, but Jaime does not and Bran, even when he begins speaking to and being around Jaime in his human form, does not tell him. Plus there is another complication, Bran knows there is a war coming between his people the Unseelie and the Seelie and he needs to be at his best to fight. Jaime knows nothing about the unrest in the Fae realm either and Bran doesn't tell him right away. Needless to say, all the secret keeping and distrust on Bran's part doesn't win him any favors when secrets begin to be revealed. However, even though it takes a while for Bran to warm up to Jaime (Jaime has no problem warming up to Bran!), when all is said and done the two come together. But will it be enough to save both realms? Because  the Seelie king isn't looking to keep the balance and if he wins that balance will be destroyed and spill over into the mortal realm causing mayhem and destruction the likes of which could be the end for all.

I highly recommend Threadbound by KM Avery and that's why I gave it a Dreamcatcher Recommended Read! You won't be sorry if you pick up this book, I for one think it's a keeper.