Regina Reviews: Blindspot by A.M. Rose

Title: Blindspot
Author: A.M. Rose
Genre: M/M Paranormal Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Eagle Feathers

Drew is a non-magical person born to people with magic, and who grew up in a town full of people with magic. His parents and brother make him feel that he is not "good enough" because he does not have magic. His parents in particular consult many experts in magic to try and find a way to fix him. But when his parents bring a forbidden grimoire into the house, and his older brother finds it, things are set into motion that are not in Drew's best interests.

Mason is the boy with magic who is Drew's best friend. Of all the people in Daydream, Mason knows Drew is exactly as he should be, and loves him whether he has magic or not. But Mason has serious abandonment issues because his parents left him behind when they decided to go traveling without him when he was fifteen. Fortunately for him, Orson and his wife take Mason in and finish raising him. 

When Drew and Mason are in their early twenties their relationship changes when Mason admits to Drew that he is in love with him. While Drew feels the same, he has been living for years with the dark magical fallout of being be-spelled with dark magic by his older brother and his brother's two best friends. When his brother Troy dies, and his best friends disappear, his parents will not listen to him when he tries to tell them what Troy did. Unfortunately, even his love for Mason is not enough to keep him in Daydream so he leaves after their first physical encounter, and Mason's confession of love.

Fast forward ten years later and Drew's parents have found him by using a private investigator. While they are desperate to make amends, Drew wants none of it and is angry that his parents have asked him to return home. He does not plan on staying long and considers this a "get in and get out" trip. But destiny has other ideas in the form of his first love, Mason. Mason is not happy to see Drew and does his best to keep his distance, but in spite of the years between them, the love is still there for both of them. While Mason works hard to shore up his defenses against Drew, Drew just wants to tell him the truth about what happened to him and why he left. But he can't because the dark magic Troy used prevents him from doing so, and when he tries actually causes him physical pain.

Will Drew be able to find a way to break the dark spell? Will Mason forgive Drew for leaving when he finally discovers why? Will they get back together, or will Drew return to the non-magical world?

I really enjoyed reading this m/m magical fantasy romance! The characters are very realistic and I felt as if I knew Drew and Mason quite well before I was even half-way through the book. The emotions in the book had me on a roller coaster from the get-go. I just wanted to hug both of them so bad! The love scenes were very emotional and just the right degree of explicit. If you love m/m fantasy romance with some fun magical realism, then you don't want to miss out on Blindspot! I for one can't wait to return to Daydream in the next book, Heartwood!