Manic Monday: Truer Words Were Never Spoken!

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So, I usually post about writing or a tip for authors or something like that on Mondays but I thought I'd just do a personal post today. Generally speaking I usually do my posts for the entire week on Saturday or Sunday and then schedule them. It's so much easier than remembering each day to do my post. I never claimed to be the on time queen! LOL I'm working on it but I know myself very well and completely organized and on time has never been me.

So, my last couple of days have been sort of weird. Usually on Saturday and Sunday I work on freelancing, but this last Saturday because it was my birthday the hubby and I went to a local Indian Casino. Hey, I figure if I'm going to gamble and let's face it give a bit of money away I'd rather do it to my own people than say Vegas, or somewhere like that where it's a big corporation or something. We had a lot of fun and I broke even, so I didn't lose any money which is nice.

46 snuck up on me really fast! Last year for a whole year I thought I was still 44 when I was 45, so that just goes to show you how much I'm paying attention. LOL My best friend Tina had to remind me that no I was not turning 44 I was turning 45! That was a real hoot, let me tell you. I guess you know you're getting older when you stop counting huh?

Sunday would have been uneventful but I decided to get in a fight with Photoshop! Yeah, I know you can't win against a computer program, but boy was I determined. I was working on a cover for another author and I swear I could not get this one photo of a couple to cut out right no matter what I did. I used the Extract tool like three times, and I'm picky so if it doesn't look just right I won't even use it. By the third time and several  hours later I was about ready to tear my hair out by the roots! So then I went into another program and tried using layers and erasing. While it didn't look too bad, I just couldn't get around the guy's face so it looked natural, I kept seeing this one little spot where I erased too close. Argh! Finally I decided to take all the photos and see if I could put them together in some kind of semblance of something that would look pretty. I even put it back in Photoshop and used some pretty filters on it. No such luck. When I was done, I hated it! Man do I ever hate it when that happens. Sometimes the muse just doesn't strike me right, so I'm back to square one. I gave up about 11:30 pm and decided to sit on it for a day or so. I'll have to tell the author I'm not going to have it just yet, but I'd rather than than give someone an inferior product. Covers are so important to how well a book sells that when I do one I want to make sure it's right even if I redo it several times!

Then this morning dawned with the light coming in much more brightly than it usually does at the same time of day since we've turned the clocks back. I did not want to get up, my brain raced all night and so I kept waking up. LOL So I finally drag my tired ass out of bed and manage to make it out the door in time and I get all the way to the bus stop and realize I don't have my hospital ID or bus pass. . So I trot back up to my apartment, get my ID and pass since I can't get into any of the restricted areas of the hospital without my ID and go back down to the bus stop. So I catch another bus and then make it downtown in record time, connection to go up to the hospital? Yeah, it doesn't show, and neither do the next two buses. So finally it shows up at 9: 40am. I ended up having to call the boss and tell him I was going to be late. Go figure. Then I get here and we've got meetings galore, and a bunch of uncovered cases, and we're short doctors to cover them. And that dear readers is why I said of Manic Monday that truer words were never spoken! My week is starting off with a bang! 

For everyone's sake, I hope your week is lovely, quiet and uneventful! :-)