Flash Fiction Friday: The Fairy Prince

I'll bet you think when you see photos of stone fairies that we're all female don't you? While it's true that our females are beautiful and sometimes sweet, especially to mortal males, we aren't all female. And we don't all cater to the opposite sex either. I sure don't, and that has gotten me into trouble on more than one occasion. My father wants me to marry another fae, some female from a neighboring kingdom. Never mind that females hold no allure to me. He is set in his ways and convinced that the only way to ensure our kingdom's continued dominance in the region is for me to marry this princess. 

So, I'm leaving. While I love my people, there is no way that I'm going to marry some princess and have more little fairies. The thought is EWW! Just ewww! I mean don't get me wrong, I like females fine, in fact my best friend Lunaria is female. If I absolutely had to marry a female, she is the only one I could tolerate. Of course there would be no little fairies to come out of that union because while I love her like a sister I cannot even imagine being intimate with her. 

So, like I said I'm leaving. I've already passed the sacred grove on this side of the veil. Now all I have to do is pierce the veil and enter the human world and I'm  home free. Well that's the plan anyway. If my father's soldiers catch me, I'm done for. 

I can see the veil just ahead. I can hear the traffic whizzing by, and why humans drive those noisy, air congesting things I'll never know. While I'd prefer to stay in my own realm there is no bloody way I'm marrying that princess. So, here goes nothing! 

Just as I'm about to push through the veil I can hear shouts behind me. Damn! The soldiers have discovered my plan, I must push through the veil now. Hiding my wings I force my body to grow to human size. While I want to get to the human world on the other side, I can't give away the existence of our world either. That means no wings and no magic once I get to the other side. With one more glance behind me I see the soldiers have also assumed human size and hidden their wings, clearly thinking to follow me. 

I push through the veil which feels sort of like a gel as it moves around me and find myself on the other side with a loud pop. I'm standing on a sidewalk in what looks like a small town. Good, I was worried I'd pop out in some big city with smog and air congestion. While such a place might be better for hiding, I'd wither away and die and in such a place. Fairies need to be close to nature, plants, trees that sort of thing. Without that connection we die. That's why so many of us don't enter the human world anymore. Too much air and water pollution and too few plants and trees in so many places. 

That's when I saw him. Small compared to my now six foot one frame, the human was as dark as I am blonde. Short, but willowly and slim, the human has a long black braid swinging down his back. His skin is darker than any I've ever seen before with a reddish hue. He's cutting firewood and every time the axe swings up the muscles in his arms and back bunch. Yum! Could this delicious human be the one I've been looking for?

Only one way to find out...I'm going to go and talk to him.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Regina Paul. All Rights reserved.