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Eye Candy Thursday

I just had to go and scoot around Flickr, I just had to! LOL Found some very cute and sexy guys to add to my man candy board. These are all photos that can "legally" be shared. It sucks that you can't post just anything to your Pinterest boards but unlike some people I'm not willing to take the chance that some photographer is going to see a photo of his on my board and try to take legal action. The chances are rare but it can and has happened and even with a low percentage I'm not willing to chance it. So, anyway, go look at the cuties! Here's the link Man Candy!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Excerpt Wednesday: Another Excerpt from my WIP Destiny's Decisions Sequel to Destiny's Choices M/F

Photo from Morguefile
“Tiana pulled her new truck up to the front of her gallery, and just sat there as she felt herself get first hot and then cold. After a few seconds she leaned her head against the steering wheel. Damn.           
            She sat there for several minutes just controlling her breathing and then pulled her cell phone out of her purse. It rang once before being picked up.
            “Waters Investigative Agency.” A perky voice answered. Tiana nearly rolled her eyes, she liked the teenager that James had hired to be the receptionist for his Kamiah office, but still it was eight o’clock in the morning and she’d only had one cup of coffee so far.
            “Hi Dawn, this is Tiana. Can I speak to James, please?”
            “Oh, hi Tiana. Sure, he just walked in a few minutes ago, I’ll transfer you.”
            Powwow music played on the line briefly and then the reassuring sound of her intended’s voice came across the line.
            “Hi babe, what’s up?”
            “Honestly, I wish I wasn’t.” Tiana knew her voice sounded odd, but with seeing the terrible vision in front of her she just couldn’t work anything else into it.
            “What’s wrong?”
“What isn’t?”
            “Honey, what’s happened? You sound like you did when your grandmother was in the hospital.”
            “Yeah, well this is almost as bad.”
            “Where are you?”
            “My gallery.” Tiana sighed and then rubbed her eyes tiredly with her other hand. “It’s toast, James.”
            She heard a thump, and then James’ breath accelerated. “Someone burned it down?”
            “No, but they might as well have. The front window is busted out, the door is hanging on one hinge, and from what I can see through the window, any and all stock I had is completely destroyed. Anything that was breakable is smashed. I can’t see the glass case that I locked the beadwork in but it’s probably been destroyed as well.”
            “Stay right there. Don’t get out of your truck, you are in your truck right?”
            “Of course.”
            “Stay there, and lock yourself in. Whoever did this could still be around, and I don’t want you getting hurt.”
            “I know that James, I’m not a complete idiot.” Tiana growled.
            “Sorry babe, can’t help it. I just found you again, and I have no intention of losing you the way we did Grandmother. Have you called the police yet?”
            At the mention of her grandmother’s death the year before, Tiana’s heart clenched tightly before she took a deep breath and released the tension.
            “You’re kidding right? After what happened last year, I think it’s going to be a long time before I trust a tribal cop again.” Tiana’s voice turned sour.
            Tiana heard James take a deep breath. “Tiana, you can’t blame what happened with Starla on the entire tribal police force. Most of them are good people, she was just one bad apple in the barrel.”
            “Want to bet?” Tiana muttered beneath her breath. No way was she trusting anyone but James from now on. He might not be a cop, but she would trust him with her life. He would never betray her, she knew that with complete certainty.

Copyright (c) 2012-2013 by Regina Paul. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Promo Advice Tuesday: How to Effectively Use Your RSS Feed

Photo from Morguefile
One of the things I've been playing around with is how to get the word out about this and other blogs that I write for. While it's easy to write the occasional post and hope someone visits, it's not enough to just Ping your blog and hope they come. So one of the things I've been toying with is how to use my RSS feed more effectively. In case you don't know what an RSS or Atom Feed is, it's simply a website address with a listing of all the most current posts on your blog.

Your RSS feed can be one of your most effective tools when it comes to getting the word out about your blog and your books. The easiest way to get the most out of your RSS feed is to tie it into your social media sites. Thanks to sites like Twitter Feed and Hootsuite this has become much easier. Although I find Twitter Feed to be the best tool to use to tie my RSS feed into my Twitter and FB accounts. RSS feeds with Hootsuite are a little more complicated and I've about given up on this tool for posting from my RSS feeds.

So, if you want to take the pain out of posting manually to your Twitter and FB pages sign up for a Twitter Feed account and set it up to automatically post to your social media anytime you post to your blog!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Manic Monday: Ummmm....Triberr....

Photo from Morguefile
This Monday's post is about Triberr. Unlike a lot of other authors I'm not having such good luck with Triberr which is kinda sad since I think in theory it's a great idea. The biggest problem in my opinion is that free members can only have 30 people in their tribe. After that you're kinda stuck. No one else can join, and while I get the idea that you have to spend a little money to make money, I'm think it's obvious that some tribe chiefs feel like I do a bit cautious. So, I've joined two tribes that I would love to be able to be a member of, both are dealing with romance books and books in general, and since I'm an author that makes sense. Big problem though, since both groups have 30 members so I'm sharing all their stuff but none of mine is getting shared. Major not good in my opinion. So apparently the way to get around that is to create my own tribe which I've done. Romance Book Broadcast. So far it's just me, but I've sent out several invites to authors I like. I didn't base it on how many followers they have or how far their reach is because I think you should have authors that you like and that you want to recommend to your readers.

So, we'll see how that goes. Hopefully I'll get some followers and some of these lovely posts I've been doing which are way fun by the way will get a bit more traffic. Stay tuned to this blog to see my results and to get more tips for using Triberr effectively!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday: Angel Trapped in Stone

Photo from Stock Xchng

Adrianna seethed, every time she awoke still frozen in the uncomfortable position her temper flared. If she ever got her hands on her ex-lover he was going to die a slow and painful death. Leave it to her to fall in love with someone who was practicing the dark arts. Her sister had tried to warn her, but had she listened no, she had not.

He'd been so handsome, and so devoted to her, or so she'd thought. But she'd been wrong, terribly wrong. While she and others like her had to be careful not to show their true talents, she had thought Donald understood. After all he was "different" too. Unfortunately, by the time she realized it, her sister Drusilla was dead and she was trapped inside the body of a stone angel, her sister's monument. She watched silently for decades while first her niece and then her great-niece had aged and become old women. Her great-niece hadn't had any children so when she stopped coming, Adrianna could only assume the old woman had died. 

Adrianna was relatively certain that over a hundred years had passed. It had been 1888 when Donald had trapped her in stone above her sister's grave. If the strange inventions, the carriages without horses, and the fact that women wore skirts that showed more than her undergarments had back in 1888 were any indication, it had been a very long time.

The anger drained out of her. She knew she would only be conscious for a short period of time before the stone would pull her back into some sort of magical sleep. Donald's doing no doubt. The strange thing though, she usually never awoke unless someone was coming to visit her sister's grave. But who could it be? Her great-niece had stopped coming and she'd only been awakened with the occasional visitor to another grave after that. She had no idea how much time had passed since her great-niece had stopped coming. 

Resigned to the fact that she would only be awake a short time, she took stock of her surroundings. Strangely she could see all around her though she was held immobile within the stone angel. It didn't hurt exactly, though it was uncomfortable in a strange sort of way. Occasionally she thought she felt a fleeting muscle cramp, but then it would be gone.

Suddenly a man came into view. He was different than anyone she'd ever seen before. Even his mode of dress and transportation was different. Unlike her great-niece who had driven up in one of those horseless carriages, this man appeared out of thin air. His clothing was scandalous, at least for her era. It molded to his body as though a part of his skin and was a lovely blue color. The material was unlike any she'd ever seen before. His shoes looked a bit like the ones her niece wore though with that strange symbol on the side that looked a bit like hook, but smoother. Once when her great-niece had turned to walk away she'd gotten a look at the word on the back, Nike. What in the blue blazes was a Nike? This man's shoes had the same symbol though. Strange.

The man was very handsome, tall, well over a foot taller than her five feet, with spiky blonde hair and beautiful forest green eyes. He had a square jaw and high prominent cheek bones perhaps hinting at some American Indian blood, though in her day no one would have voluntarily admitted such. 

Instead of going to one of the other graves as she had thought he would, he walked directly to her sister's and stood in front of it looking up at the stone angel or her rather. 

"Have I finally found you my beautiful Adrianna?" He whispered.

Shock rolled through Adrianna. How did this stranger know her name or know she had been trapped in stone all these long years?  How was this possible?

"I hope I've finally found you, my love." He whispered before reaching into what appeared to be a pocket and withdrawing a small glass vial with an even smaller cork stopper. 

Why was he speaking to her as if he had known her his whole life? She had never seen this man before, though there was something about him that tickled her memory, something familiar though she knew not what. 

As her mind struggled with that question, the man pulled the cork stopper and poured the vile of liquid onto the stone encasing her. Wait! Was she able to move her finger? Adrianna tried to move another finger and found she could shift it ever so slightly. Was she finally going to be freed?

"Can you move, Adrianna?" The man seemed to be looking for some sign, but she had no way to signal to him that she had movment, small though it may be. Inside she screamed, "Yes, yes! Keep doing whatever you're doing, get me out of here!"

The man's eyebrows rose in surprise almost as though he could hear her, and he stared up into her face. Oh, if only she could smile, wink, wiggle her nose something! Anything to let him know that whatever he was doing was working.

A determined look came over his face and he began chanting in latin. It was a language Adrianna was well aquainted with having used it to write spells since the time she'd begun learning the Craft at her grandmother's knee.

Suddenly pain the likes of which had only felt one other time, the time when Donald had used the dark spell to encase her body and soul in stone, after he'd murdered her sister.

Suddenly there was a great loud cracking sound and she was falling. Instead of hitting the hard ground as she'd expected, strong arms caught her and held on tight.

Adrianna carefully opened her eyes, almost afraid to believe that she was finally free. The pale skin of her own hands and arms greeted her vision and she felt tears gather in her eyes.

"Finally!" She gasped, hearing her own voice for the first time in longer than she could remember.

"Yes, finally, I've finally found you my Adrianna."

Adrianna lifted her head. Why was the man being so familiar with her? She knew she didn't know him. Who was he? How had he known she was trapped inside the stone angel?

"Who are you?" She lifted her eyes to gaze into the man's face when the reason he looked familiar hit her with the force of a tsunami.

"Donald!" She hissed, her fingers curving into claws ready to scratch his eyes out.

Instead of being frightened by her sudden snarl and glare, the man simply curved one large hand over hers and said, "No Adrianna, I am not Donald, I am not the man who trapped you in stone."

Adrianna tried to wrench herself out of his arms, but her struggles were for naught, for the man was much stronger than she was.

"Stop it Adrianna!" He commanded in a firm voice. "I know I have his eyes, but I am not my great-gereat Grandfather. I don't now nor have I ever practiced the dark arts. Your own senses should tell you that."

Adrianna reeled at the rebuke. Donald's great-great grandson. How was this possible? That would mean that even more time had passed than she originally thought. She would have to be careful, this could be a trap, a trick.

As though he'd read her mind, the man said, "It's not a trap Adrianna. My family has been searching for you for the last three generations. My great-great grandfather kept a journal. In it was every dirty deed and evil thing he had done. Every dark spell he'd ever created. The only reason we kept the journal was because we knew it was our only hope to find you."

The fight went out of Adrianna. While it was true that Donald had been a dark practitioner, now that she was no longer trapped in stone, her senses were telling her that this man was a practitioner connected to the light, as was she.

"Who are you?" She whispered, still staring at the pale skin of her hands, and the white cotton material of the underclothes that were the only thing she'd been wearing when Donald had cursed her.

"My name is Ryan." He lifted  her chin with one finger, forcing Adrianna to look into familiar eyes. However, unlike Donald's eyes, this Ryan's were clear and the white lightning arcing in them proclaimed him a son of the Goddess.

"I was raised to continue the search for you. I and my cousins. You see Donald married another white witch. Like you, he hid from her what and who he truly was and was aligned with. They had one son named Gregory, my great-grandfather. When Gregory was ten years old, he stumbled on his father and his mother in the wine cellar. His father had used a spell to trap his mother within a circle and was torturing her by slowly draining her magic. He found out with his mother's dying breath that his father had been doing this for years. The only reason she'd stayed was because he'd said if she didn't he would do the same thing to their son."

"That's what he had planned for me." Adrianna whispered, horrified.

"Yes, but your instincts were better, you figured it out before he could marry you and you tried to fight him. That's when he trapped and murdered your sister and then entrapped you in the stone angel."

"Why did it take so long for someone to find me?"

"Donald boasted of the spell in his journal, even wrote the spell and ritual down that he'd used, but he hid the location of your entrapment in a riddle. No one could figure it out. The riddle was in gaelic runes which made things that much harder. See, Gregory killed his father trying to protect his mother. He was too late to save her, but he was only ten years old. His training was not complete. He was raised by his mother's sister and her husband. This is who he received his training from. He didn't find his father's diary until many years later and by then his memories were sketchy at best. And since he didn't practice the dark arts, and his father had been too greedy of the knowledge to bring him into his confidence, Gregory could only use the knowledge he'd been given by his mother's family. It wasn't enough." He ended.

"How did you find me?"

"I found Donald's Book of Shadows. The translation of the riddle was inside. Even with that though, it was hard to find you. Earth's population has quadrupled since your time and this cemetery is set to be removed and relocated next month. It was the last one. If I hadn't found you here, there was no way any of us would ever have been able to find  you." Ryan stroked back Adrianna's inky black hair.
"You're as beautiful as he said you were, as you look in the drawings he did of you." He whispered.

Mesmerized by his deep green eyes, Adrianna was momentarily diverted by the word, "Drawings?"

"Yes, Donald was obsessed. He drew you in every conceivable position and state of dress." Ryan's lips were closer to hers and Adrianna felt her body flush.

"Every state of dress?" She whispered the words against warm lips.

"Every state of dress." He confirmed.

"Oh, dear." Heat flowed through her body.

Ryan smiled against her lips. "But her safe now." He said. "Safe in my arms, and I'm never letting you go now that I've found you."

And so she was, forever more.

(c) Copyright 2013 by Regina Paul. All Rights Reserved.


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Eye Candy Thursday: Ooohhhh La La!

Got some very hot ones for you this week, ladies and gents who swing that way! Sometimes I really love Flickr because they have such great Creative Commons photos that you can use without getting into trouble and I've found some of the hottest guys on there. So, if you need a little eye candy to brighten your day check these guys out! Five new photos! Click here to see!

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Excerpt Wednesday: Heart of a Jumper WIP Excerpt

I thought I'd share an excerpt from the novel I'm currently working on. This is an M/M/M/M romance, so if gay romance, or polyamory offends you or if you're under the age of 18 then please click away.

I was born on Earth in the year 1997, and I was a cop. A cop who was lucky enough to have a good home life, and a loving husband, son and daughter. That was the only thing that kept me centered as far as my job was concerned. At the time I was convinced that it was the only reason I was able to be effective in my job; their love was what kept me going. That all changed at 9:00 am June 23, 2037 on my fortieth birthday. It was a Tuesday and I had gotten the day off to go with my husband Eagle and our children Forrest and Jessica to the ocean and just spend the day splashing in the water and playing. At the time we lived in Portland, Oregon so the water didn’t get that hot, but in the city was a different story. It could get as high as the upper 90’s some days so a day at the ocean was a good way to cool down. I had to go back inside because Jessica had forgotten her beach ball and she was adamant that she had to have it.
          I remember rolling my eyes at Eagle and then getting out of our minivan. Just as I reached the front door of our home, I heard the click of the key turning in the ignition and then a loud explosion. I knew before the shrapnel, broken glass, and fire from the destroyed minivan scored the skin of my bare back and legs that my family was dead. The noise brought the neighbors, with their fire extinguishers and horror filled cries, but it was too late to save my lover or my babies. They had died instantly and the licking flames quickly cooked through their bodies fed by the gasoline in the tank we had just recently filled. By the time I lost consciousness from the shock and pain of my own injuries, the fire trucks, and ambulances had arrived though I only know this because I was told by my partner.
          I woke up a week later in the hospital suffering from third degree burns all along the back of my body. It’s fortunate I was unconscious for a week because I imagine digging all that shrapnel and glass out of me before being able to treat my burns was extremely painful. I would gladly have suffered it though if it meant I could have my beloved Eagle, Forrest and Jessica back.
          It was another two weeks before I was able to arrange their funeral and attend it. Even then I was pushing it what with the skin grafts and the very real possibility of infection. But I was so numb inside I no longer cared if I lived or died.
          Once my back and legs finally healed I took every dangerous assignment I could, while on the side I tracked the man who had killed my family. Because it was my family who had died the case was given to some of my fellow cops. I believe though that my partner Danny knew that I was in tracking mode. I was determined to find my family’s killer and bring him to justice.
          In those days most people didn’t believe in the winagi or demons as the wasichus called them. That all changed when the winagis got bolder and bolder going so far as to possess senators, governors and one president. Since the demons were essentially immortal it was difficult to fight them. The thing is I always knew they were real and every bit as nasty as the fictional tales tell. I grew up with the traditions of my people and was raised by my grandfather who was a wichasa wakan, or holy person. Before he died, he told me that I would come face to face with a winagi, the literal translation is “ghost” but it refers to an evil non-human entity. He told me it would be my greatest challenge and that I must stop this winagi at all costs. I took him at his word. Unfortunately, I wasn’t careful enough and was mortally wounded. That’s when I found out about the Jumper Program.
          Turns out the government had been testing ways to detect and fight the demons. Also turns out that my partner Danny was related to one of the scientists who developed the science behind the Jumper Program. He was able to convince his cousin to use me as their first test subject. Since I was going to die anyway, his relative agreed. After all they needed a guinea pig, it might as well be me, right?
          I was out of my body and I could hear everything that was being said and decided. Honestly I didn’t really think they’d be able to do it. I mean how can you transfer the soul of one body into another body, especially one that was being kept alive only with machines? Even if you thought you could, what kind of guarantee would you have that that was really what was happening? Especially since that was what the winagi were doing. How could you be sure it wasn’t a winagi pretending to be the transferred soul? Personally, I could see them having a field day with that one.
 Well the next thing I knew, one minute I was standing over another body, staring into lifeless blue eyes and the next minute I was staring out of them. Don’t ask me how I knew, I just did. What a rush!
          Now you may be wondering why it would be important to be able to “jump” from one body to another. The government’s idea was that since winagi or demons were immortal, in order to effectively fight them we needed people who were not only well versed as cops, but well versed in the well, what they called “mythology” and what I called the “history” of man’s relationship with these things. I fit the bill on both counts. Also, a Jumper could just switch into a new body and continue to track and destroy winagis for as long as he or she wanted.
          Well, that was the idea anyway. Unfortunately, the government didn’t do all their research, typical for them. You see, what we discovered was that the new body was only good for about six months before it began rejecting the new soul. This meant that the government had to provide a new body every six months. This became tricky because the program was black ops and the general public had no idea about it. Not even my fellow cops knew.
          Time became an endless river to me with little change, and all I knew was jumping from one body to another, chasing the winagi that had possessed the man who had killed my family. If I got to destroy a few others along the way that was just as well.
          Fifty years after jumping technology was developed man figured out how to go on deep space expeditions. Fifty years after that we were colonizing Earth like planets. As man went out into space the winagi or demons followed us, and I followed them. I continued to change bodies like I changed my clothes which after you’ve done it a few hundred times is exactly what it feels like. Eventually as the knowledge of demons became common everyday knowledge, the public was told about the program and jumpers were hailed as heroes.
But I didn’t want their adulation. I wanted my family back but that wasn’t going to happen, and the only way I could ensure that what had happened to me didn’t happen to someone else was to continue jumping.
So, that’s what I did, even going so far as to follow the younger generations into space. Interestingly enough though, most women weren’t interested in space travel, instead, they wanted to stay home on Earth. That’s not to say that a few didn’t go, but the percentage was much smaller than I or anyone else would have thought at the time. That was how I obtained my first male body. That took a little getting used to. I liked being stronger in most cases, and not having a period totally rocked, but I had a difficult time with the whole having your sex organs on the outside as opposed to the inside. That first involuntary erection was a real eye opener! For the first time, I totally got how that could happen and how embarrassing it was. Overall, it just felt weird. At first anyway, but after the first couple of times I got used to the vagaries of having a male body and in time I grew to prefer it.
          So I followed generation after generation to one new colony planet after another. I saw the rise and fall of new human civilizations. I saw these new generations lose touch with Earth, and in some cases, a few  who totally forgot about their mother planet, instead believing that the colony was their home world. Not surprising really when you think about it. It used to happen all the time on Earth, grandparents came from Italy and intermarried with other Americans and in four generations it could be completely forgotten that grandpa and grandma were Italian. Throw in the Plagues of the 2070’s where millions died thanks to the winagis, that was them using our own science against us, and it wasn’t hard to imagine how it could happen.
          It wasn’t until sometime in the 3050’s when people were living almost one hundred years longer and bodies were in short supply for jumpers, that our scientists discovered if you put the donor body into a sort of suspended animation, then you could preserve it and the soul inside until such a time as a body became available. This in turn kept the jumper alive until he or she was needed again to fight the good fight. By this time we’d gotten very good at our jobs and there were fewer demons, or so we thought. 

(c) Copyright 2013 by Regina  Paul. All Rights Reserved.

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Promo Advice Tuesday: 5 Tips for Making Your Writing Your Priority

Photo from Stock Xchng
When you not only write but work a day job and have a family, finding time to write can be difficult, especially when you don't make writing your priority. Here are five tips for learning how to make your writing your priority.
1. Be selfish. Don't worry about this, it's okay to be selfish with respect to your writing, after all you're a better person when you're allowed the time write, and when you allow yourself the time to write. I know I am.

2. Schedule a time during your day each day to write. Whether that is when you first wake up, or before you go to bed at night, schedule a time to write. It doesn't have to be the same time every day, but make sure it is part of your regular schedule. That way you'll be sure to get your writing done, and you'll enjoy it more, and it will come easier when it becomes a habit to do so every day.

3. Have a writing plan. Decide what you're going to work on ahead of time. Whether that's blog posts, or your novel or freelance articles, and then stick to it. Try not to get distracted by other writing projects you may have. If you do find yourself doing so, gently bring yourself back to the planned writing project and begin working on it again.

4. Decide on how much time you're going to work on your writing project ahead of time. This way you can tell friends and family, "please don't interrupt me for thirty minutes or three hours whichever it may be. Then set a timer or use an online bell such as the mindfullness bell. Write until the bell goes off. Don't edit, don't go back and re-read what you've written, you're just writing now that's it. And remember it's okay to write badly, some of my best stuff has ended up being from stuff that initially was some of my worst writing!

5. Shut the door to your office and put out a do not disturb sign. If that won't work, maybe you don't have an office or writing cave to go into, go to a local coffee shop and purchase some tea put your headphones on with soothing music and then write until your bell goes off!

I hope you find these tips helpful! They're working for me and I hope they work for you as well.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Manic Monday: What I've learned About Prioritizing...

Art from Dezzan on Deviant Art
It's funny how you know things, you know to do them I mean but then when push comes to shove you find yourself all over the place. I've been finding myself in that position as an author lately. Do I set up the posts for the week on this blog, or do I work on my current novel, or do work on promotion. Sometimes figuring it all out when you're an author is a pain, and sometimes even when you do know, you can still mess it up. In my case, I just have so much on my plate with a day job and being the main bread winner that I have a tendency to start working on one thing and then get distracted by something as mundane as needing to go to the grocery store, or eating for example. So last night I just sort of stopped and had a think about this whole thing. The fact is I have way too much to do to fit all the things I technically should be doing into one day, so I have to learn to prioritize better than I have been.

Here's what worked for me this weekend:

1. I made myself the priority. I don't often do that, in fact I often put everything and everyone else as the priority which while nice for those other people  is not so nice for me. Though I do love to do stuff for other people and I get much out of doing so from an emotional standpoint. However, I do it too much, which probably has a lot to do with the thinking of Western society and how women are always supposed to be the givers. This weekend I gave to myself, and interestingly enough I got a lot done. Including setting up the posts for this blog for the week! Yeah me!

2. I did yoga first thing this morning. Boy did that feel great. I get very tense in my upper shoulders neck and upper back from sitting at a desk all day during the week, and then even more so on the weekend while I work on my novels or blog, or create 3D art which again requires a computer. I know I spend far too much time at a computer in fact so this morning instead of sitting down at one first thing, I did about 45 minutes of yoga stretching. It made a huge difference. My stress levels went way down, and my upper back and neck aren't as sore. Hmmmm...maybe I should do this on most mornings? Note to self: More yoga! LOL

3. I stopped eating junk. You know the weird thing is and I think this should be wrong, but junk is not only cheaper than the healthy stuff like fruit and vegetables but it's easier to sling in your lunch bag and take off to work with. The bad thing is that when the sugar high is over, it sucks. You feel horrible, or at least I do. I actually feel more tired and worse when I've been eating junk all day. So, another note to self, no more junk or at least much less of it.

4. I actually wrote 1678 words today on my novel!! Whoo hoo!! That more than anything I think felt great! So often I put this off for doing other things which is why I haven't had anything new available, and just re-pubs in the last year. Life really got in the way over the last four years. But now I aim to change that. My books are with a promotions company HeartFelt Promos which is going to take a huge amount of pressure off me in that respect, and I'm with a really great publishing company that I totally respect. So,  that will leave me more time to write.

So, if you're like me and you're having a hard time prioritizing my advice is to put yourself first as often as you can. I realize sometimes you can't, hubby's and kids get sick, or you have obligations to fulfill, but as often as possible make you the priority. It makes a huge difference and you'll find you get more writing done. Oh, and the second thing, make YOUR writing a priority, even if you're only writing 500 words a day. I surprised myself when I wrote 1678, I'll bet you can surprise yourself too!

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Eye Candy Thursday

Oooooo La La!! I've got some very pretty eye candy on my mancandy board if I do say so myself. Check it out and feel free to comment! Know of some pretty man candy you want to share on my Pinterest board? As long as it can legally be shared, feel free to post a link in the comments! Want to know more about why I changed my eye candy board? Read my article Copyright and How it can Affect You today!

Oh, and here's the link to the new board!

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Excerpt Wednesday: Destiny's Choices by Regina Paul

Her people had been coming to this mountain for ceremonies for longer than recorded history. It was the one place she felt that she truly belonged. It had been her sanctuary when James left for good. She had spent a month in the cabin relying on nature and the Spirits to teach her what mistake she had made by trusting him. Sadly, for once, no answer had come from those quarters.

The peace she normally felt along with the energy given her by the trees was spoiled by the grief she was re-experiencing with James’ return. Firmly she pushed the thoughts away. She would not think about that time; it hurt too much.

She tipped her head up and listened to the trees; they were trying to tell her something. 

A spiritual cry that was not her own moved in her mind, her spirit. Tiana received a visualization of the energy around the cabin. Bright red streaks marred its aura, anger and hatred hung in the air like an awful stench. Tiana approached the cabin in a wary fashion. The door was standing wide open. She was positive she had not left the door open the last time she had visited.

Tiana pulled white energy from her mind and projected it around her body for protection. She entered the cabin and gasped, her hands covering her mouth. The entire room had been turned upside down. The mattress was torn from the bed and dumped on the floor. Does the looter think I would hide it here? The person had also dumped all the drawers in the dresser. Littering the room were towels, clothes, and sacred items like sweet grass and sage.

Leaving the cabin, she returned to her truck, knowing she was going to have to bring the police into it. Damn! James is going to find out about this eventually, but I’m not going to be the one to tell him.

Tiana picked up her cell phone and called a woman she knew who was a Bureau of Indian Affairs cop. The woman also knew about Tiana’s secret and could be trusted. After dialing the number, she waited while the phone rang. Finally, someone picked up.

“Kamiah Police Department, Ken speaking.”

“Hi, Ken, this is Tiana Slickpoo. Is Starla available?”

“Yeah, let me transfer you. Before I do, though, have you had another theft?”

“No, but my cabin up on the mountain has been trashed.”

“Do you know what they were looking for?”

Tiana paused. Ken knew that she was the carrier of sacred objects. However, he did not know about the one the thieves were looking for, and she did not want to talk to anyone but Starla about it.

“Could you please transfer me to Starla now?”

Tiana listened to the oldies station that served as hold music. As soon as she gave the report to Starla and talked to the police, she needed to go and make sure her grandmother was all right.

“Hey, kiddo, what’s up?” Starla’s cheerful voice came on the line.

“Hi, Starla. You’re not going to believe this, but the cabin up here has been completely trashed. I think they’re looking for what we talked about before.”

“God, I hope you’re joking. Because if you’re not, this explains why they’ve hit the tribal museum and your gallery. They must not be sure who the carrier is.”

“I wish it was a joke, but it’s not. How could anyone have found out I have it? You know the carrier is kept secret from all but a select few who can be trusted. I’ve only had it for six years. If the wrong people get their hands on it, it could mean devastation not just for the tribe, but for the idiot who steals it. That person would have no clue the kind of destruction it would wreak on the thief.”

“Does James know?”

“No, and you’re not going to tell him. Please, Starla, it wouldn’t do any good now anyway.”

“Tiana, you know how I feel about this. You should’ve told him when your grandmother gave it to you. Also he’s here to investigate the thefts and he’s not going to be able to help us if we can’t tell him what they’re looking for.”

“Look, I know I’m going to have to tell him eventually, but let me do it okay? I’ll do it when I absolutely have to and not before.” Tiana sighed. Starla had been badgering her to tell James about it for the entire time she had been the keeper.

“Okay, but if the thieves aren’t caught quickly, I’m going to have to. As it is he’s going to wonder why he hasn’t been told everything from the beginning. He could even accuse us of withholding information pertinent to the investigation. I mean it, Tiana, you need to tell him if this isn’t put to rest soon.” Starla’s voice became hard. She had always disapproved of the fact Tiana had not told James why she could not go with him when he had left.

“Yeah, all right, I’ll tell him in the next day or so if the thieves aren’t caught by then. Do you know who’s coming out to look at this mess?”

“I’ll be up soon. Can you wait?”

“Yes, I’ll just go for a walk until you get here. Look by the stream if I’m not around.”

This is bad, Tiana thought after ending her call with Starla. Tiana did not want to tell James the truth. All she had told him six years ago was she would not leave the reservation, so it would be better if they just broke it off. She remembered he had not even gotten angry, just had agreed it was for the best. It was the last time she had spoken to him, until today.

Lifting her eyes to the sky, she sought a sign from the Spirits. If only an eagle would appear, then she would know it would be all right if she told James the truth. What she got for her trouble was a rumble of thunder and the sky opening up. Big fat raindrops began to fall mixing with the dirt beneath her feet, plastering her long hair to her face.

(c) Copyright 2010-2013 by Regina Paul. All Rights Reserved.