How to Pen the Perfect Sensual Novel

The process of writing an erotic or romance novel is no different from the procedure used in writing fiction or sci-fi as there are still a number of variables that make creating this type of work unique. As with any novel, you must first develop a story idea, concoct the details, and, of course, write and edit your work. Most of all, you must ensure that you have an acceptable area to write in. This allows you to have a space that’s only for you to work in and maintain peace and quiet, discuss your writing process and time restraints with those involved in your work, and create a timeline of your novel from start to finish.

Although there are a number of romance novelists and erotic books out there, there are still quite a few types of erotic categories that are untapped. Fortunately, writers of this genre have many resources they can utilize in their novels. Whether you want to write something along the lines of Fifty Shades of Grey or prefer to come up with a sensual novel with a completely new theme, you’re sure to nail down what niche your novel falls under after plenty of exploration and research. If you have no clue where to begin writing your romance novel, here are a few tips that’ll help put you on the right path.

Cultivate Your Writing Process and Develop Your Story line

As with any other novel, the writing process takes time, research, and the development of ideas. You can use writing tools such as outlines and drafts to help you get started. Erotic novel enthusiasts have certain expectations that must be met in order for your book to be noticed in the sea of erotic fiction. Some essential elements to creating the ideal romance novel include crafting a sympathetic heroine as well as a strong, gorgeous hero, emotional and romantic tension, an intriguing, yet somewhat realistic plot, and a nice, happy ending. Keep in mind that your characters, mainly your hero and heroine, move your plot and leave your readers yearning for more. If your novel is more sexual in nature, be sure to incorporate arousing, erotically stimulating items like toys and lingerie from Adam and Eve. Also, utilize crucial writing techniques such as effective pacing and proper timing, capturing the emotions and actions of the characters, and applying a proper resolution.

Be Detailed Oriented

In order to be taken seriously by agents, editors, publicists, and, most importantly, readers, pay close attention to certain components and characteristics of the most influential characters. Keep in mind a few key elements such as doing your research and fact checking it, and ensuring the development of your characters. Of course editing, especially checking your grammar and punctuation, and proofreading are essential as well, so either hire professional editors, proofreaders, and fact checkers or take an editing course that will be useful to you as you move from the writing stage to the publishing phase of your novel. With respect to formatting your manuscript make certain you have correct, consistent stylistic elements, particularly when it comes to margins, font, and spacing.