Discover the 5 Must-Read Non-Fiction Gems I Can't Get Enough Of!


I love to read! I mean what author doesn't right? Lately though I've been reading a lot of spiritual non-fiction. As an intuitive I'm always looking for ways to upgrade my skills, ie learn more about my gifts. But that's not all that's here!  Anyway, I thought I'd share my top five non-fiction gems. So without further ado, here they are and why I love them so much.

1. Thank and Grow Rich by Pam Grout. As those who know me know, I am a huge Pam Grout fan, I absolutely love her books! She writes in the self-improvement niche, but she has a very easy going, simple strategy for applying the law of attraction. Where many authors in this genre get bogged down by all the different ways to understand law of attraction, Pam distills it down to a manageable amount of information that anyone can apply to their lives. This particular book focuses on gratitude, and I loved it! If you want a simple way to begin applying the law of attraction to your life, then this is a great book to start. 

2. Ask Your Guides by Sonia Choquette. This is one of my absolute favorite books chock full of personal stories and stories from her clients about connecting with their guides and angels and how you can too! I've always loved the idea of angels even though I'm Native American and follow much of my people's traditions. Funny thing was I was never really able to figure out where or how angels fit in. While as an intuitive I know I have angels, for some years I was conflicted about how to fit them into my belief system. Reading this book helped me with that. If you're at all interested in receiving guidance from the divine this is a fabulous book to read.

3. The Five Lessons of Life: A True Life Story about an Ordinary Woman who Survived Two Extraordinary Near Death Experiences. Her Remarkable Secrets of Both Heaven and Hell are Finally Being Revealed! by Carrie Kohan. I really enjoyed this book. I've always been interested in the near death experience and I'm fascinated by how each experience is unique to the person, but yet there are also similar themes. If you also enjoy reading about NDE's or hearing others describe their NDE's then you will enjoy this book as well.

4. Manifesting Your Magical Life: A Practical Guide to Everyday Magic with the Angels by Radleigh Valentine. Yup, another book on how to connect and work with your angels. This book was fun to read, and the exercises were fun to practice though I didn't do all of them. If you enjoy reading about an author's own life experiences with working with his angels, then you'll enjoy this book as much as I did. 

5. Slow Living: The Secrets to Slowing Down and Noticing the Simple Joys Anywhere (Decorating Book for Homebodies, Happiness Book) by Helena Woods. Oh, man, for a woman that has barely reached her thirties, Helena is a very wise woman. If you're interested in slowing down, enjoying life, and figuring out what your true values and priorities are then you don't want to miss this book. It is probably has the most extensive explanation of slow living and the best tips for how to get started in my opinion of all the books out there. I loved it so much I reviewed it on Amazon! 

So, there you have my top five non-fiction reads! I hope you find something here that you might like to read too! 

PS There are no affiliate links in this post, just great books! :-)