WIP Doomed to Be Charmed, 18+ only please...

This is an unedited exerpt.

Doomed to Be Charmed (18 and up only, this is a m/m paranormal erotic romance)

***Note: A little background. Kyle Morgan comes from a family of witches. He was raised by his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother along with his eleven older sisters. He’s the baby of the family. He’s also gay. His special gift is the ability to open doorways into other dimensions and worlds, but he has been taught not to use his ability because there is always the danger of allowing something evil into the earth realm. However, when he begins being contacted in his dreams by two very hot twins who claim he is their mate, and they ask him to open a dimensional gate, Kyle is torn between wanting the two handsome shape shifters, and his duty to protect his family and his world.***

Kyle Morgan turned and shifted in his sleep colliding with the teddy bear his five-year-old niece had left behind when she visited earlier that day.

His breathing caught as he was drawn into the dream again. He found himself standing in a shadowed forest glade beneath the light of a full moon. A set of familiar masculine voices entered his mind.

We need you! Open the door between our worlds so we can come to you.

Two men stood before Kyle beautiful in a way that was somehow alien. Obviously twins, they had matching sets of long ebony hair that reached their butts and that they tied back loosely with leather thongs. He thought it was sexy as hell. As usual they were naked as the day they were born, the tan skin covering defined muscles, but of the type from hard labor rather than the gym. They had brown eyes that could flash to amber in a heartbeat.

What do you want? Kyle sent the thought to them not venturing any closer. As attractive as they were, there was something dangerous about the two, and some inner voice kept him from going to them as it always did.

You know. This time the one called Tyrel answered. His mental voice was slightly huskier than his twin’s.

No. I don’t. Kyle stated emphatically, stubbornly resisting their pleas. He was pretty sure he did know what they wanted, but as attracted as he was to them, he wasn’t giving in.

Kyle watched as the two men exchanged looks silently conferring.

Baby… Tyber coaxed, taking a step closer and holding out his hand to Kyle.

No! Kyle sent the shout while stamping one foot angrily. Why won’t you just go away and leave me alone. Find somebody else to open the damned door. I…I can’t. He ended on a near sob.

Tyber’s hand dropped and Kyle could swear he heard Tyrel sigh deeply.

Distracted Kyle found himself ensnared by Tyrel’s deep brown gaze. Sweetie, you have nothing to be afraid of. We would never, could never hurt you, or those you love.

How do I know that? Kyle was getting mad again. They always did this, ganged up on him, called him by those ridiculous girly endearments. Tried to get him to do what they wanted. You two could be anybody, rapists, murderers. I’ll…I’ll bet you don’t even really look like this! Kyle gestured wildly at both men.

Even as he said it he knew it was at least partially true, but he also knew it was partially not. It was one of the reasons he’d been reluctant to let the pair very close to him. As usual this drew mental snickers from the other men. However, this time the dream changed significantly from what it had been the other times he’d traveled to this place.

Before he could protest, or try to force himself to wake up Kyle found himself sandwiched between the larger twins. At five foot nine, he was no match for the men who were half a foot taller than him, and carrying nearly twice his muscle mass. But that didn’t stop him from trying.

Hey, hey! Back off! He shoved against Tyrel’s chest with his hands, but only succeeded in pushing himself back into Tyber. They just moved in even closer, trapping him between their larger masculine bodies.

Kyle panicked, and mewling sounds began coming from him as he went into fight or flight mode. He hit, tried to use his nails to scratch, and kicked out at them with his legs. He was crying and didn’t even realize it. When he finally wore himself out, he could hear them both crooning to him in his mind.

Shh, shhh little mate. No one is going to hurt you or force you to do anything you don’t want to. Their mental voices blended together and it was the strangeness of this that finally got through to him.

Let me go!

However, instead of doing what he wanted he felt two sets of arms surround him.

We’re not going to hurt you Kyle. Tyrel murmured again, stroking one hand through his much shorter hair. Then he did something that totally shocked Kyle, he pulled on his hair, tugging his head back and captured his lips. Seconds later Kyle felt the gentle glide of Tyrel’s tongue silently asking for entrance. When he didn’t immediately open his mouth, Kyle felt Tyrel slide his tongue into the crease of his lips. Let me in mate, I must taste you.

The voice was almost begging and Kyle knew that this was not something this man did easily. Even though he was still afraid he relaxed his guard slightly, and tentatively opened his lips. The twins were so hot, it was difficult to resist.

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