Exerpt from Children of Khartar: Leilani's Flight...18+ ONLY

This is an unedited exerpt from a Work in Progress.

Work in Progress, Exerpt #1, Children of Khartar: Leilani’s Flight (18 and up only, this an erotic romance and there is graphic sexual content)

***Note: Here’s a little background story. Leilani has been captured by her father’s people the Khartarians who use human women for breeding purposes since they are unable to procreate with their own females any longer. She is sure this is it, and she will be raped by a Khartarian male and forced to have his babies, until something miraculous happens.***

In the blink of an eye the pressure and friction was gone, and Leilani’s eyes flew open. There were four males in the room neither Khartari nor human. Feeling something soft slide against her skin she looked down and saw blank purple eyes staring into hers. It had been the woman’s hair she’d felt.

The Khartari female fell dead at her feet. Tears slipped from her eyes, she’d been so close! Another two or three pumps of the dildo and she’d have gone off like a rocket!

She looked up again at the men, they were conversing but she couldn’t understand them. They looked humanoid, except they had dark almost black skin and cobalt colored hair, but the strangest thing of all was their turquoise eyes with their elliptical pupils. Suddenly one of the men turned as if finally, truly noticing her. Heat flared in her belly, as he took in the scene.

“Ictara lano?” He enquired in a soft voice.

The drugs still pumping through her system and trying to ignore her body’s demands Leilani replied huskily, “I’m sorry I don’t understand you.” Then groaned as her blood heated, and fluid heat shot straight to her core.

She watched as the man walked towards her, and being very careful not to touch her skin lifted a small box and nodded to her cuffs. Realizing he was going to release her, she nodded back. Light shot from the box and shattered the cuffs. For a second she hung limply rubbing her wrist against her stomach. He signaled her by nodding again as he quickly shattered the rest of her bonds. She fell limply just to the left of the Khartarian female’s body and curled up in a ball. Her skin was so sensitive she felt like she was wearing her nerves on the outside of her body.

“Ictara lano?” The soft voice repeated.

“Just leave me alone.” She husked out. There was silence for a few moments and then, “Do you understand my words now?”

“Yes, oh god, just kill me now!”

Something soft covered her quivering form. “You are safe.”

Unable to say anything Leilani’s long straight black hair fell forward shielding her face and she groaned miserably, her skin and insides burning.

“What is your name?”

Even the sound of his voice hurt her skin, seeming to vibrate against it. “Leilani.” She gasped.

“May I carry you, Leilani?”

Her eyes flew to his, he was serious!

“Yes, just…” she paused as desire dampened her core and she melted inside, “just get me out of here.”

Strong arms lifted her against his chest. “I’m afraid I can’t return you to Earth yet, Leilani but I promise you in time I will.”

She couldn’t decide whether or not to tell him that any place other than Earth or Khartar was probably the safest for her. Her body shivering, her skin electrified she lay as still and quiet against him as she could, burrowing deeper into the blanket he’d wrapped around her.

“I can take away some of your discomfort if you’ll allow me into you mind.”

Allow him into her mind? Were these people telepathic too? How much would he be able to see?

“I will only touch the foremost layer of your mind where the discomfort dwells and dampen it until we are somewhere I can help you.”

She thought about it a moment. “All right.” A second later her skin temperature lowered, and her insides weren’t burning as much. Her nipples were still hard, and her cunt still clenched every so often with small rippling orgasms, but she didn’t feel as though she would burn to a cinder as she had before.

“Thank you.” She whispered. “Oh, thank you so much.”

Leilani thought she felt lips caress her hair, but wasn’t sure, the touch had been so light.

“Where are you taking me?”

“We must get off this ship before they realize you are gone.”

“And we’re going where?”

He hesitated as if suddenly unsure whether or not she could be trusted. “To my ship.” He said finally.

“Good, anywhere is better than here.” Leilani shuddered as the memories of waking up bound returned.

The halls of the ship were quiet and every so often she saw Khartarian warriors who appeared to be unconscious lying on the floor. Hurray for the good guys!

Exhausted from her ordeal and knowing it was not over yet she turned her face into the broad chest she was lying against, breathing deeply through her nose. The man holding her smelled different, earthy and almost wild in a strange way.

Leilani heard her savior’s voice speak words in his own tongue, then her skin tingled for a moment. When she opened her eyes they were on another ship.

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