Destiny's Choices gets 5 Champagne Flutes from Cocktail Reviews!

I am so doing the happy dance now! Destiny's Choices got 5 Champagne Flutes at Cocktail Reviews! I love it when my books get great reviews, while not so great reviews happen to all authors, after all it is a matter of taste what a reviewer is going to like and not like. I know that first hand as both a reviewer and an author, but it is just so cool when a great review comes in. I just had to share. Here's the review below:

Tiana owns an art gallery. Some thefts have taken place, and a man she’d rather not see again, James, has arrived to investigate. Tiana is less than pleased, and her abrupt way of greeting him made me giggle. She says it how it is. How I long to be like her!

Tiana and James knew each other six years ago, but he chose to attend an out of state college. Unable to go with him, Tiana was also unable to tell James why. They haven’t seen one another in all that time. He loved her then and loves her now. Her attitude towards him when he meets her again leaves him believing there is no chance of reconciliation.

Tiana has been holding a tribal object for the past six years. Someone found out she had it and trashed her cabin. Only a select few know who she is and why she would have the object. Somehow, her identity has leaked out. How will she tell James who she really is: a carrier of sacred objects? Will he understand why she couldn’t go with him out of state, or will he hold it against her?

Find out in Destiny’s Choices, a tale of two people brought back together by fate. Sometimes a man and a woman are just meant to be together! I must also say that the blurb doesn’t do this tale justice. It doesn’t even begin to touch on the excitement factor—and I’m not being derogatory by saying that, but urging readers to give it a read.

An exciting tale which propelled me to the edge of my seat at times, Destiny’s Choices is a keeper for this reader. Nice work, Ms. Paul! Also, Ms. Paul? I loved Tiana’s surname. Slickpoo. I mean, that is just so funny and so darn refreshing! Beats Jones or Brown any day!

---Black Orchid, Cocktail Reviews