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Got another great review for Destiny's Choices from Once Upon a Romance!

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Tiana has a destiny. She is the keeper of a sacred object. She is extremely aware of how important this object is to her family and her people. However someone else is aware of the importance of it and they will stop at nothing to take it from her.

When James returns to the Reservation after a long absence, the first person he wants to see is Tiana. He loves her. Their parting was bitter sweet. He is concerned when he discovers people are ransacking Tiana’s home and work. Why?

The last person Tiana wants to see is James. Her life moved on after he left the Reservation. Does she want to pick up where they left off? When Tiana’s grandmother is attacked, she realizes that someone will go to violent lengths to take the sacred object she is entrusted with from her. But who is it and why do they want it? Tiana turns to James for help and he is more than glad to help her.

This is a short book but it’s quite powerful. I liked the fact that Tiana was incredibly aware of her place in the world and what she had been entrusted to look after. I felt there was a strong theme that sometimes even true love has to be denied as the valuing of culture is more important. I found the character of James a nice contrast to Tiana as he had left the Reservation and been out in the world and yet he still came back to what mattered to him most. I think readers will be able to identify with that.

I would have liked to have read more on these characters and their beliefs as it made interesting reading. I won’t ruin the story, but what happens to the Tiana’s grandmother in hospital is interesting. Her beliefs and acceptance of her destiny appealed to me. I believe the title Destiny’s Choices sums the book up nicely as all the characters have to make choices – some spiritual and some personal and they are aware what their sacrifices mean.

Destiny’s Choices is a quick read but an enjoyable one. It has sweet romance, mystery and fascinating level of spiritualism. I enjoyed it and I would like to read more.

Janet--Once Upon A Romance