A Few Gifts for Readers...

I've been a little absentee lately from my blog, mainly because I've been dealing with life and I've had a lot of it to deal with lately. One of the ways though that I've been relaxing is taking online art classes. "What you're not writing?" You're thinking...LOL Yes, I'm still writing and yes that's relaxing too, but I've always wanted to be able to draw and create art and quite frankly I didn't think I had it in me. So, I've always wanted to draw, so one day when I was putzing around online I came across this delightful lady Tamara Laporte who had a few free art classes. I checked out her work, loved what I saw, the playfulness and comfort of her art I mean and thought, "I want to learn how to do that!" So, I took her free 4 week course Art, Heart and Healing and loved it. Suddenly I found that yes, I could draw, how about that! And now I'm working my way through some of her other free Life Book offerings that she has on her website and some lessons I purchased as well. What I love about Tam is that she believes anyone can learn to draw, and there's a lot of self-care information mixed in with her lessons. They frequently include meditations and other stuff that makes you feel really good about yourself. Can you tell I think she's awesome?! LOL

Okay, so before I share some of the art I've created based on her lessons and one that just sort of came to me while I was working on a piece, here's the free lessons she's offering now:

Art Heart and Healing This is the free 4 week art course that I took initially.

Layers of You This is a full blown art lesson that is from a year long course that Tam teaches along with other mixed media artists every year called Life Book. And she's the founder and creator of Life Book as well.  I loved this lesson and the fact that she offers it completely free to anyone who visits her blog, you can even download the videos to your computer just makes it that much better.

The Happy Traveler This is another Life Book lesson taster and one that I haven't taken yet. It will only be available until November 7, 2016, so if you like what you see I'd suggest downloading the videos and materials to your computer before the 7th so you can do the lesson when you're ready.

What can I say, Tam's lessons make me happy, doing art makes me happy, and I wanted to share the love! Want to learn even more about Tam and her art? Check out her website/blog at www.willowing.org

Okay, rather than post all the art at the bottom here, I'm going to insert it to the right and left of different paragraphs. If you'd like to use any of these pieces as desktop backgrounds, please feel free to do so. I don't mind sharing as long as you don't claim them as your own.