Flash Fiction Friday: Her Griffin

Sahara looked at her companion. "You realize this isn't going to be easy, right?"

Lazarus gave her the look. Of course it's not going to be easy, it never is. What I want to know is when am I going to get my human form back?

"I don't know, my love. The sorceress who trapped you in this form keeps slipping away. The only way to turn you back is to find her and pierce her heart with the arrow Justice gave me."

If she was here right now, I would rip her heart out. Sahara's mind flashed with a picture of the woman in question, mauled, bloody and very very dead. The sorceress's bleeding heart ripped from her chest dripped on the stone floor from Lazarus's beak. 

Sahara shuddered. "I'm just glad I'm on your good side."

Lazarus rubbed his large head against her arm. You could never be on my bad side.

"So, where do you think she'll go next?"
Lazarus shook his head. Maybe the Zaous realm?

"Maybe. You want to open the portal?"

Yes. I want my form back, and I want her to be trapped in this griffin form as she was before.

"It was a long time ago. You have to stop blaming yourself. She tricked you." Sahara petted Lazarus. As much as she longed to see his human form in more than just her mind, she hated that he continued to blame himself for being tricked.
I should have known better. I mean a female griffin? There is no such thing, griffins are magical creatures, and they're always male. 

"You have a point, but it's still possible that there were female griffins at one time as she told you. And unlike you, she got her human form back during the full moon."
Yes, well, I intend for the curse she put on me to be the same for her, no more getting her human form back during the full moon so she can seduce some other poor unsuspecting young wizard as she did me. She will truly be stuck in this form forever.

"If I don't kill her first." The rage she felt was all consuming. Unlike the sorceress Talia, she could see past the form her true mate had been trapped in to who he was inside.

Just be sure and pierce her heart with the spear, if she is killed any other way I will be trapped forever. 

"Oh, don't worry. I'll pierce her heart alright. Her black heart will feel my wrath and she will know it was Sahara who killed her and broke the curse." 
Lazarus cuddled against Sahara as they waited for his magic to open the portal. This was the only magic he had left in this form, as if Talia wanted to taunt him by leaving him just enough to chase her from realm to realm. 

When the portal opened they would begin the search again...