Excerpt Wednesday: Alien Dreams Excerpt...

Photo from Morguefile

I was thinking about this today and wondering which excerpt I should put up, and I decided on Alien Dreams, one of my upcoming new releases! Enjoy!

Denara crouched behind a crate waiting for Lamdarak to return to the cargo hold; he always seemed to know when she was there. She had never been brave enough to go to the bridge, worried that someone else might sense her presence. She’d been leaving her body during sleep and traveling to the starship since the first time she’d accidentally come here when she was fifteen. That was ten years ago, and now she traveled here as often as she could, simply by thinking that she wanted to.

Suddenly Denara heard heavy boots slapping metal and knew that Lamdarak had sensed her presence and come to see her.

“You can come out now, Denara. I am here.” He called, his voice heavily accented. How he had managed to learn English she had no idea. Especially considering she didn’t think he even knew where her planet was.

Denara took a quick sniff of the air to be sure she only smelled Lamdarak. Once a crewmember had followed him and she had nearly been discovered by another. When she could only smell his heavy earthy scent, she stood and came out from behind the cargo crate that was being held by a force beam to keep it from moving around the cargo hold.

She took in the sight of the man she had loved for ten years. He was six and half feet of lavender skinned muscle with long hair that was a much darker shade of purple. His eyes had square rather than round pupils and were an enchanting color that she thought of as opal because the milky color with the flashing colored sparkles reminded her of the stone. Even stranger was the long tale covered with a short coat of fur, and ending in a thicker tuft the same color as the hair that nearly reached his hips.

She loved everything about him, his look, his eyes, his trim hips and long muscled body, but while he had always been very affectionate with her, he had never shown any sexual interest. This made her sad, but she respected him too much to push for something that he might not be capable of.

“Hi, Lamdarak. I missed you!” She called, running and then jumping towards him, knowing he would always catch her.

As was normal he shoved his face into her hair taking deep breaths, scenting her as he had always done. Denara had learned early on that his people’s sense of smell was much more developed than her own.

“Mmmmm…I’m sorry it was so long before I came again, but I had friends visiting from out of state and you know I talk in my sleep.” She rolled her eyes. “ I didn’t want them to hear me.” She said, pulling back from him.

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