Manic Mondays: What I hate about Monday....And What I Plan on Doing About That...

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I'm working on this, I really am...not hating Mondays I mean. I mean lets face it, I'd rather be writing, reading, vegging in front of the TV or any number of other things than getting up on Monday to go to the day job.  The dreaded day job. I guess I shouldn't say dreaded, I actually do love my day job, it's just the thought initially of having to get up early and go to work that bugs me. Mondays have always been hard for me, funny thing is even when I have a Monday off which is rare, then it becomes Tuesday that I somehow hate. Pretty funny huh?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who isn't enamored of Mondays. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get past the whole Monday thing, at least I'm working on it. So, here's my plan for what it's worth:

Step One: Don't turn off the alarm clock and then crawl back into bed, pull the covers over my head and pretend it's not Monday. Yeah, so have a problem with that one. This is my usual routine then I wind up waking up ten or fifteen minutes later in a panic and trying to rush around and get my shower, make my lunch and run out the door. So not fun. So, I'm working on actually getting up when the alarm goes off.

Step 2: Start my day out with yoga and tapping instead of running around. While I'm sure most of you know what yoga is, you may not know what tapping is. You can find out more about this great stress reducer and problem solver that only takes about five or ten minutes to do each day by visiting here.

Step 3: Write 500 words before I get in the shower. Yeah, so far I haven't got this far yet. I usually get so caught up in my yoga or tapping that I look at the clock, screech and start running around again, but at least it's a calm running around this time. LOL I think I need to get up about twenty minutes earlier to pull this one off effectively.

Step 4: Leave the house five minutes earlier so I'm not running to catch the bus that's pulling up to my stop just as I run across the street madly waving my hand and hoping someone on the bus or the bus driver actually sees me and waits.

I figure if I can get these four things done on Mondays and maybe every other day of the week, then I can implement my next plan of action. Actually being able to put together some sort of schedule for my life using a calendar. I'm working  hard on time management these days, but I also don't want to get so wrapped up in it that I don't have any fun. That's bad too. Boy this being an author, working a day job, and having a life is hard!

Got some tips for surviving the Monday morning blahs? Feel free to post and comment. I love getting comments!