How to Get More Readers to Your Author's Blog

As an author this is something I think about pretty often. How do I get readers both new and old to read my author's blog. I've tried a number of different things over the years, and like most authors I've had a lull from time to time with my blog, but I love to write and sooner or later I find myself coming back and writing again. Of course I also write for my own entertainment as crazy as that might sound, there's just something about writing that makes me keep typing words onto the page. So, how do you get more readers to your blog? Here are the things I've found that work best for me.

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1. Schedule Guest Bloggers. That's right, offer your blog up to other authors to guest blog on. But it doesn't just have to be guest bloggers, it can also be other people in the publishing industry such as editors, owners of promotions companies, cover artists, and video book trailer makers. The more fun and interesting posts you have on your blog, the more this will help drive traffic to your blog and get new readers and new fans to both your blog and your books. Because let's face it, the more you blog, the more people are going to come and the more someone is going to be curious about just what it is you write, besides your blog that is! LOL

2. Engage your readers. Ask questions, invite readers to comment, make it worth your reader's while to comment by responding in a timely fashion when they do.

3. Comment on other author and publishing industry blogs. Don't just comment to get traffic, and don't just type some inane comment like "Nice post." and then put your blog address after it. That's too much like spamming to be taken seriously by anyone that is reading the comments including the blog owner. It blatantly screams, "I'm trying to get traffic to my blog, I don't really care about your blog." You don't want that. If you can't type a thoughtful and honest comment then find another blog that you can post an honest and thought comment on.

4. Have regular contests. I love to hold contests! Contests are a great way to bring readers to your blog, plus when you give away something useful and or fun, readers are more likely to remember you and come back for more. Plus once you get them to your blog and they see how entertaining and fun your posts are, they will come back not just for the contests (although those are fun too!) but because they enjoy reading what you and your guest bloggers have written.

5. Post sneak peaks of currently published books and works in progress. One of the things I love most about visiting author's blogs is reading sneak peaks, or excerpts as some call them. If a sneak peak is good enough I'll even buy the book!

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6. Let the world know when you've written a post or when one of your guest bloggers has posted. It always amazes me when authors add a post to their blog and then don't tell anyone. With the number of social media available to authors these days, there are all sorts of ways to get the word out. With a few clicks you can add a link to Twitter, Google+, and Facebook. And if you Tweetdeck you can actually post to both Facebook and Twitter at the same time!

Do you have a tip to help authors get more readers to their author blog? (Hint: You don't have to be an author to post a comment, maybe as a reader you know something to help too!) Post it in the comments and get a chance to win something cool! The best tip wins a $10.00 gift certificate to the Coffee Time Romance E-bookstore! Contest ends on February 14, 2013.