More done on Destiny's Decisions...

I'm pleased to say I got more written on Destiny's Decisions this last weekend. This is the sequel to Destiny's Choices and at the rate I'm going it's going to be ready for submission soon.

Destiny's Decisions picks up a year after Tiana and James get back together, and they are planning their wedding. Between James' mother who is something of a fashion diva and determined to get Tiana into a fluffy white wedding dress if it kills her, and someone breaking into and trashing Tiana's art gallery, things start off with a bang in this book. I'm having fun with crafting this one as I'm able to build more on Tiana and James' relationship, and of course being able to bring some of James' family into the book where they were only hinted at in the first one is fun as well. Hopefully, everyone who read Destiny's Choices will enjoy reading Destiny's Decisions just as much!