Works in Progress

Ryan's Guardian, Omega Billionaire's Club, Book 1

3901 / 30000 words. 13% done!

Ryan Coates, CEO of Coates Digital Solutions didn't ask to be the target of a charming psychopath, but that's exactly what happened four years ago. Michael Draper may have fooled him once, but Ryan has no intention of being fooled a second time. When it became apparent that Michael had married him for his money, and that he was abusing their daughter, he divorced the man post haste. The only good thing to come of his marriage is his three year old daughter Megan, the light of his life and his greatest joy. Now he just wants to enjoy his life with his daughter and family.

Valerius "Val" Cinque just wants to find a good man and settle down. He knows he'll have to cut back a bit on work once he and his dream man get together and decide to have a family, but he's more than willing to do that. Tired of the entitled rich and famous that he's paid to protect, Val is ready for a change. He loves his job, but it's time to think about his future and finding the Omega from his dreams. His highly developed intuition tells him that he will meet his mate soon.

When Ryan's ex-husband is released on probation, his father hires a bodyguard for Ryan and his daughter. Ryan isn't thrilled about the extra security or having someone follow him everywhere. However, when Ryan begins receiving threatening phone calls, and emails, he knows his Alpha father is on the right track. The first time he sees Val, Ryan knows he is in trouble because Val is everything he is attracted to, tall, dark, close cut beard, blue eyes and a beautiful smile. Too bad the man is his bodyguard; he's made it a policy never to mix business with pleasure. In spite of his policy, it's obvious the attraction is mutual. Can Ryan and Val make a relationship work, or will a monster from Ryan's past destroy everything he has come to love and hold dear?

A Ghost for Christmas

2147 / 10000 words. 21% done!

Byron's grandfather has just died, and he has inherited the old man's Victorian house in a small town in Main. Unfortunately, he is not going to be able to keep it. Ryan is in school loan debt up to his eyeballs and must return to California and his well paying job as an architecht as soon as possible.

Will the ghost Byron remembers from his childhood be able to help? What will happen when they each realize they want more from the other than seems possible?

Doomed to be Charmed

25387 / 50000 words. 51% done!

Kyle Morgan is a male witch with a very special and rare ability; he can open dimensional doorways. Taught all his life not to use his gift because of the danger of letting something evil from another dimension into our world, he thinks he will never use his gift.

However, a series of erotic dreams featuring two men, twins, who turn into wolves changes Kyle's life in a way he could never have imagined. He knows they want something from him, but no one is more stunned than he is when he discovers that it is not just that they want him to use his gift to help them defeat an ancient enemy, but that they want him!

Kyle is forced to make a series of decisions which could prove fatal. Should he go to the two men, or stay safely on Earth? If he makes a decision to open a doorway and go to them, will he truly be able to help them, or will he be trapped on the other side with no way home, and a deadly enemy closing in?

The Keepers of Eternity-This is the first book in the Keepers of Time Series.

34294 / 50000 words. 69% done!

What would you do if you had special "gifts" that made it possible for you to solve an otherwise unsolvable crime? That's exactly what happens to ex-Homeland Security Officer turned PI, Molly Ewing when she finds herself on the trail of a serial killer who can bypass the boundaries of time and space. Determined to catch the killer Molly goes on a high speed chase into the distant past, bypassing countries as well as time to stop him from killing again.

On her journey to the killer Molly reconnects with two of her ancestors, and a man called Alaric whose sister was murdered by the killer.

As she works with Alaric, her feelings for him deepen, and questions she is unprepared to answer begin to arise. If she stays with him, what will happen to the timeline? What will happen if she brings him forward to her century? Could he make the adjustment, for that matter could she adjust to his century?

In a land and time where the tides of traditions eons old are being replaced or changed by the newer Christian religion, Molly must find a way to meld her Native American traditions with the spirituality of her Celtic ancestors in order to stop a killer, keep her ancestors alive, and find a way not to lose her love Alaric.

The Children of Khartar: Leilani's Flight-This is the first in a erotic science fiction romance trilogy that I'm working on.

5762 / 20000 words. 29% done!

What can you do when your father has designs for your body, and he doesn't care what he has to do to get his hands on you? What can you do when his race of aliens controls your planet and has turned that planet into a breeding ground for his race? Leilani, a half-human and half-Khartarian will do anything to escape her father's clutches, and being impregnated by one of his soldiers against her will, as her mother was. Even if that means siding with a very sexy alien from another part of the galaxy.

When Leilani's father finally manages to get his hands on her, his agenda begins with drugging her with very powerful aphrodisiacs. Little does he know that his plans are about to go awry with the arrival of Zaltar and his crew. However, as happy as Leilani is to see a possible rescuer, she is not so sure that Zaltar is trustworthy, though with the aphrodisiacs flooding her body, she has little choice but to allow him to help her.

In a universe that has turned topsy turvy Leilani must learn to trust when she has never been able to before. The weight of the galaxy and her planet hangs in the balance and only if she can overcome her own misgivings can she and Zaltar go from being rescuer and rescuee to something more.

Destiny's Decisions-This is the next sequel to Destiny's Choices.

14209 / 30000 words. 47% done!

It is the one year anniversary since James Waters came back into Tiana Slickpoo's life. They have reconciled and are planning their wedding. But all is not as it seems for when Tiana arrives at her gallery early one morning she finds nothing but destruction. A silver earring left at the scene of the crime may or may not hold clues as to who is stalking Tiana.

With Starla in jail, and Tiana's grandmother laid to rest, Tiana and James thought they had left the nightmare behind them. But they were wrong. Someone out there still has it in for Tiana, whether this person stalks her in order to gain the sacred object she carries and holds in trust for the next generation of healers, or if the person wants something else, remains to be seen.

James and Tiana must again work together, putting Tiana's spiritual gifts and James' criminal justice background together in order to find the perpetrator before someone else dies.

To Trust a Stranger

4058 / 50000 words. 8% done!

Jared, a werewolf on the run from hunters runs smack dab into an alien from another world. With the hunters on his tail and the alien in front of him, what will he do?