The Last Jumper

5 Stars from Jenny K., Amazon Reviewer

This book is part sci-fi, part fantasy, part romance, with a dash of history thrown in. It is an erotic M/M polyamorous book so if that is an issue for some reason, you won’t enjoy the book as much as I did.

Character development was great, which can be difficult when having numerous characters interact with each other consistently. I don’t want to give a lot of the story away, but The Last Jumper leaves the reader wanting more. Ms. Paul created a fantastic world and storyline, and yes the very descriptive romance is an important part of it, there is much more going on. I look forward to more books in this world.

Alien Deceptions

5 Stars from Joyfully Reviewed!

Alien Deceptions is an exciting thrill a minute adventure. Everything is very intense; you can feel the tension in the characters. It brings the seriousness to the forefront immediately. Angel and Darek have plenty of sexual chemistry, but they also have depth. Their two worlds are so very different and everything is life and death, yet these two wade through the complications to discover something beautiful between them. Angel is such a strong character; this is one of the many things I love about her, she is determined to kick butt even though horrific things keep happening. Angel is a fighter who never gives up. Darek's struggle with the societal laws that have been bred into him since birth is palpable.

Alien Deceptions features tons of cool gadgets for the geek inside us all. Regina Paul has created an impressive world in Alien Deceptions. I loved how the story started on Earth and then shifted to Larindon. The characters were all unique and exciting. Angel and Darek's love may be the center of Alien Deceptions but the societies are mesmerizing. I hope that Ms. Paul has a sequel planned because I would love to hear more about Angel, Darek and friends.--Miranda, Joyfully Reviewed

4 Stars from Romance Writer's Reviews!

The book does reach a satisfactory end but the story is definitely not over. You will surely want to read the next book, at least I do. The love scenes are smoking hot and use a few descriptive curse words so I wouldn’t suggest giving it to a teenager. The villains are easily hate-able and have very few redeeming qualities as far as I could see; which is just how I like my leisure books. This book is interesting and just complicated enough for a reread or two, I would suggest you buy the book.—Monette Gray, Romance Writer’s Reviews --Monette Gray, Romance Writer’s Reviews


5 Cups from Coffee Time Romance & More!

Regina Paul draws readers in and prompts them to visualize the pain and strength of both men. The relationship between these two men survived five years of separation and uncertainty. Every person has a hope of discovering the same love for himself. Homecoming is truly a story about setting a love free and waiting for it to return. —Delane, Coffee Time Romance Reviews & More

3 Stars from Rainbow Reviews!

The homecoming sex scene was hot and full of bondage and domination, but thankfully this went hand-in-hand with love and caring. For such a short story, it packs quite an emotional punch.--British Bulldog, Rainbow Reviews

4 Cherries from Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews!

Sometimes the ones you think are your most opposite are the ones you need the most, especially when you find that running from your troubles only breeds more trouble. Intrigued? Then you need to read Homecoming by Regina Paul.

Ms. Paul writes an interesting novella about two souls who want to be together, but time and distance have pushed them apart. I liked the idea that these two men want different things, yet the differences are what really bring them together.

Crew wanted to see the world. He wanted to experience life before he got too old. What young person or rather, what person in general has ever felt the need to see the world? The reader can identify with his need to get out of what he sees as his norm in order to experience something grand. At the same time, the reader can also identify with Eagle’s need for stability. He wants to be committed to the man he loves.

The loves scenes in this novella are sweeping. The passion almost overwhelms you. It steals your breath, but you know it’s real. I liked how Crew was afraid to come home. When we do things we think are unaccepted, we’re afraid of the repercussion. I liked his humility and his need to make things right.

If you want a sweet, yet passionate romance, then you should read Homecoming.--Tiger Lily, Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews

A Gift From Home

4 Stars from The Old One, Amazon Reviewer

What began as a fairly ordinary short story took a sudden drastic and dramatic turn. Melanie was home at her mother's request. They had a falling out when Melanie came out! She is met at the bus station by Loraleigh, who has been in love with Melanie from afar for several years. Ok---up to now the story is interesting but then a big unexpected WOW happens. I won't go into details because the story is short. At the wow point I kept reading as quickly as I could to see how this would end. I wasn't disappointed and do recommend reading this one. Thanks to the author for sharing this short and quirky story.

4 Cups from Coffee Time Romance!

A Gift From Home is a page-turner. Magnolia’s actions were intense and definitely portrayed her character to the hilt. I found Melanie to have a secret strength inside that was dying to come out. With Loraleigh’s help, I believe she was able to conquer the challenges set before her. Ms. Paul instills a dynamite story about finding the right love, while forging through all the obstacles that life throws in our way. With incredible compelling characters, and canvassing Melanie, with a depth of emotions, and expressions to shower every page, this story power punches. There is a tenderness to the storyline that could really reach out and grab the heart.—Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance Reviews