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The Last Jumper

Genre: GLBT M/M/M/M Scifi Erotic Romance

Love is never easy, when you're the last jumper...

From the moment his family is murdered, Rain is on a mission to kill or send back to hell as many winagi or demons as he can. To do so he must "jump" from one body to another, allowing him to live the equivalent of several lifetimes, and to follow humanity and the demons out into space.

When Rain finally reawakens from his latest stasis jaunt, he discovers that five centuries have passed and that he is on a new colony planet, one he has no memory of. He also discovers the winagi are killing again, and he is the last jumper alive.

Connor, Stephen, and Jessie are husbands and fathers. On a world where some men are able to procreate, quad relationships are the norm, and Jumpers are just a part of their ancient history, Rain is something of an anomaly. The three men take Rain home with them, and help him to recover, at least physically. It becomes clear though that Rain hasn't just been fighting demons outside himself, but ones from within as well.

Will these three men and their sons be able to help Rain heal? Love isn't part of the bargain for Rain or so he thinks, but bonding with Connor, Stephen, and Jesse may be the only thing that can save his new family and their world.

Through a Dark Mirror

Genre: Native American Romantic Suspense/Paranormal/Reincarnation

Sometimes evil follows you from one life to the next…

Summer Thompson grew up around Native Americans. She has great respect for Native American peoples and traditions. Because of that respect she has made it a point in her work as an antiques dealer to purchase and return sacred objects back to the tribes they came from when she finds them.

Hawk Kills Pretty Enemy, a successful Lakota business owner makes it a point of driving around in his tow truck looking for stranded drivers. He figures he has hit the jackpot with the pretty blonde behind the wheel of the Mercedes Benz sitting on the side of the road. When he discovers that she is the Summer Thompson that has returned so many sacred objects and artifacts back to the People, he is even more happy to help. But it does not take long in Summer’s presence for Hawk to begin to suspect that Summer may be someone he has been searching for his whole life.

But when an artifact of great power comes into Summer’s possession, and an ancient evil returns, will Summer remember what she needs to in time to save the man she is coming to love?

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Lilly's Christmas Surprise
The Lara Colony, Book 2

Genre: Science Fiction Erotic Romance/Menage

On the planet Lara, procreation is the law. Lilly, Rom, and Dylan have been married for six months. When Lilly discovers she is pregnant with their first child, she is ecstatic, not because it's the law, but because she cannot wait to tell Rom and Dylan that they will finally have the kind of family the three of them have always desired. But then she comes up with an even better idea than just telling them. What will Rom and Dylan think of Lilly's Christmas surprise?

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Destiny's Holiday
Destiny Series, Book 2 

Genre: Native American Romance, Holiday Interlude

He was supposed to bring home an artificial Christmas tree...

Instead James brings home a real pine tree upsetting the environmentally conscious Tiana. Then when he leaves his coat on the couch, and shakes snow all over her and the entire front room, Tiana has had enough. Will a wager between the two lead to something more exciting this Christmas?

Read this steamy holiday story in the Destiny Series by Regina Paul!

Want to know more about Tiana and James? Read the first book in the Destiny Series, Destiny's Choices today!

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Frost Flame and Flower

Genre: Fantasy Erotic Romance

Can true love survive the freezing of a beloved Poinsettia?

Poinsettia is a half flame elemental, half flower fairy who is in love with the most popular frost elemental at the North Pole, Jack Frost. But when he freezes one of her beloved namesakes just before Christmas, and endangers her ability to provide poinsettias for Santa during the special holiday, will she forgive him, or banish him from her life forever?

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