Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Journey to Diir by Lynn Sterling...

ISBN#: 978-1-880413-10-4
Rosa Romance Publishing Group
Science Fiction Romance
346 Pages
Rating: 5 Worlds

Andrea Stone lives and dies in the 21st century from a genetic heart defect. Resigned to the fact that she is going to leave her beloved husband and family behind, she agrees to sign a contract allowing her to be cryonically frozen until a cure can be found.

Cole, Tremaine and Nick, a group who salvage metals from asteroids are astonished when they find not only several cryo pods with badly needed viable genetic material from the 21st century, but one pod that has a viable speciman that can be returned to life. Cole the captain thinks she is going to be nothing but trouble, because their sex simulation machine is down, and there are three of them and one of her, Nick the doctor of the group is fascinated by idea of her genetic make-up and what it might be able to do for them to help boost their dwindling population. Tremaine, a GenEng, or human who was created in a lab and grown to adulthood before being awakened is curious, but figures he will not be able to have much to do with her since she is an Earther and Earthers are forbidden to his kind who are little more than slaves.

When Andrea awakens over 600 years in the future, at first she thinks it is a dream. However, it becomes clear very quickly that what she is experiencing is no dream, but acts in some ways more like a nightmare, for the world that Andrea wakes up in is not anything like the world she left behind. The three men who rescue her are unlike any men she has come across. One of the strangest things she notices is their lack of physical contact, and for a woman who has always been very physical, this is not a good thing. One of her first conversations with Cole where he explains that if she becomes intimate with one them, she will be required to be intimate with all of them, as well as all the other changes she has to deal with, convince Andrea that it is best to avoid the three men who rescued her and brought her back to life. But it doesn't take Andrea long to realize that she has to make some kind of life for herself, and that she is starved for human contact. She starts by making intimate contact with Nick and it snowballs from there. However, it is not long before she finds herself deeply involved with all three, and quite happy about it. That is until she discovers she is rich beyond her wildest dreams due to her husband leaving her money for when she awoke. What she decides to do with the money all but sets the universe on its proverbial backside, leaving the four in incredible danger. Will they and their love be able to survive what Andrea's decisions have wrought?

Every once in a while I come across a book that is truly thought provoking as well as imaginative, and if the author can manage to throw in a romance as well, one of my favorite elements as both an author and reader well then that author has my undivided attention. Journey to Diir is one of those books. Ms. Sterling takes us on a journey of both self-discovery, and to discover the true meaning of what real love is. The world building is beyond compare and so well thought out, that this reader thinks that some of the scenarios are distinct possibilities for the future. The alienness of the world Andrea wakes up in and her reaction to it is so well described that you feel as though you are with Andrea as she experiences it. Andrea's relationships with all three men are emotional, and loving making this book a true jewel. Even if you think the idea of a woman being in love with three different men at the same time is distasteful, the way Journey to Diir is written will completely change your viewpoint. The lovemaking scenes are tasteful, and imaginatively written as well as full of emotion. If you ever wondered what the future might be like if you woke up and found yourself in it, then this is the book for you!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Destiny's Decisions...

I've been actively working on four different manuscripts but this weekend I've been working on the sequel to Destiny's Choices, which I've titled Destiny's Decisions. It takes place a year after James and Tiana get back together and are planning their wedding. The muse seems to hit me at different times for different stories and right now she's got me going on this one. If this keeps up, I may actually finish this story in the next week or so. Just to give you a taste check out the exerpt below!

Unedited Exerpt of WIP Destiny's Decisions:

Tiana grinned now that there was no one there to see. She just might take him up on his “offer” later, but she wasn’t going to let him know it. Let him sweat it out wondering if I’m going to or not.

With that thought she reached for the phone on the desk with the intention of getting the call to her mother-in-law to be out of the way. She’d called Tiana’s cell phone the night before and left a message about yet another beautiful white wedding gown that she was just sure would be the one that Tiana would love. She groaned at the thought. The woman is like a pit bull when it comes to my wedding dress!

Taking a deep breath for courage, Tiana picked up the phone and dialed her future mother-in-law’s number. It rang four times and then voicemail picked up. Tiana breathed a sigh of relief. She wasn’t going to have to try and talk the woman down, she could just leave her a message. Thank God!

After the greeting was done and the beep sounded Tiana rushed to get her message over with. “Uh, hi Trixie.” She grimaced. No self-respecting Indian woman should ever be named something so innocuous as “Trixie.” “This is Tiana returning your call about the wedding dress. Uh, I really hate to do this, but I’ve already picked out my dress for the wedding. I really appreciate your looking for me and all, but as I’ve explained before, I want a traditional Nez Perce dress rather than a white wedding dress. Thanks again for trying to help, I really do appreciate it, but well I’m happy with what I’ve chosen.” There, hopefully that will be the end of that! She thought, and then hung up the phone quickly just in case Trixie was close by and was going to pick up.

Just as she hung up one phone, her cell phone began singing out a powwow song. Tiana picked it up and stared at the caller ID. The number was blocked. She rarely picked up a call when the number was blocked because it was often sales people but for some reason this time she hit the button and spoke, “Hello?”

“It isn’t over bitch.” A raspy voice that could be either male or female said.

“Who is this?” Tiana demanded. Her heart was racing and the palm holding the phone began to sweat.

“What, you don’t recognize my voice Tiana? I’m devastated.”

“Look if all you want to do is harass me, I’m hanging up.”

“Oh, I intend to do more than just harass you Tiana. You’d better watch your back and that man of yours because if either of you get in my way, you’ll be traveling across the rainbow bridge to grandmother sooner than you think!”

Tiana’s blood chilled in her veins and she hesitated for a second before responding. “What do you want?” She asked, although she had a pretty good idea.

“You know what I want.” The voice replied and then all Tiana could hear was a dial-tone.

“Dammit!” Tiana roughly pushed the button to hang up the phone then put it on the desk and stared it at like as if it were a rattler about to bite her.

(c) 2008 by Regina Paul. All Rights Reserved.