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WIP Doomed to Be Charmed, 18+ only please...

This is an unedited exerpt.

Doomed to Be Charmed (18 and up only, this is a m/m paranormal erotic romance)

***Note: A little background. Kyle Morgan comes from a family of witches. He was raised by his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother along with his eleven older sisters. He’s the baby of the family. He’s also gay. His special gift is the ability to open doorways into other dimensions and worlds, but he has been taught not to use his ability because there is always the danger of allowing something evil into the earth realm. However, when he begins being contacted in his dreams by two very hot twins who claim he is their mate, and they ask him to open a dimensional gate, Kyle is torn between wanting the two handsome shape shifters, and his duty to protect his family and his world.***

Kyle Morgan turned and shifted in his sleep colliding with the teddy bear his five-year-old niece had left behind when she visited earlier that day.

His breathing caught as he was drawn into the dream again. He found himself standing in a shadowed forest glade beneath the light of a full moon. A set of familiar masculine voices entered his mind.

We need you! Open the door between our worlds so we can come to you.

Two men stood before Kyle beautiful in a way that was somehow alien. Obviously twins, they had matching sets of long ebony hair that reached their butts and that they tied back loosely with leather thongs. He thought it was sexy as hell. As usual they were naked as the day they were born, the tan skin covering defined muscles, but of the type from hard labor rather than the gym. They had brown eyes that could flash to amber in a heartbeat.

What do you want? Kyle sent the thought to them not venturing any closer. As attractive as they were, there was something dangerous about the two, and some inner voice kept him from going to them as it always did.

You know. This time the one called Tyrel answered. His mental voice was slightly huskier than his twin’s.

No. I don’t. Kyle stated emphatically, stubbornly resisting their pleas. He was pretty sure he did know what they wanted, but as attracted as he was to them, he wasn’t giving in.

Kyle watched as the two men exchanged looks silently conferring.

Baby… Tyber coaxed, taking a step closer and holding out his hand to Kyle.

No! Kyle sent the shout while stamping one foot angrily. Why won’t you just go away and leave me alone. Find somebody else to open the damned door. I…I can’t. He ended on a near sob.

Tyber’s hand dropped and Kyle could swear he heard Tyrel sigh deeply.

Distracted Kyle found himself ensnared by Tyrel’s deep brown gaze. Sweetie, you have nothing to be afraid of. We would never, could never hurt you, or those you love.

How do I know that? Kyle was getting mad again. They always did this, ganged up on him, called him by those ridiculous girly endearments. Tried to get him to do what they wanted. You two could be anybody, rapists, murderers. I’ll…I’ll bet you don’t even really look like this! Kyle gestured wildly at both men.

Even as he said it he knew it was at least partially true, but he also knew it was partially not. It was one of the reasons he’d been reluctant to let the pair very close to him. As usual this drew mental snickers from the other men. However, this time the dream changed significantly from what it had been the other times he’d traveled to this place.

Before he could protest, or try to force himself to wake up Kyle found himself sandwiched between the larger twins. At five foot nine, he was no match for the men who were half a foot taller than him, and carrying nearly twice his muscle mass. But that didn’t stop him from trying.

Hey, hey! Back off! He shoved against Tyrel’s chest with his hands, but only succeeded in pushing himself back into Tyber. They just moved in even closer, trapping him between their larger masculine bodies.

Kyle panicked, and mewling sounds began coming from him as he went into fight or flight mode. He hit, tried to use his nails to scratch, and kicked out at them with his legs. He was crying and didn’t even realize it. When he finally wore himself out, he could hear them both crooning to him in his mind.

Shh, shhh little mate. No one is going to hurt you or force you to do anything you don’t want to. Their mental voices blended together and it was the strangeness of this that finally got through to him.

Let me go!

However, instead of doing what he wanted he felt two sets of arms surround him.

We’re not going to hurt you Kyle. Tyrel murmured again, stroking one hand through his much shorter hair. Then he did something that totally shocked Kyle, he pulled on his hair, tugging his head back and captured his lips. Seconds later Kyle felt the gentle glide of Tyrel’s tongue silently asking for entrance. When he didn’t immediately open his mouth, Kyle felt Tyrel slide his tongue into the crease of his lips. Let me in mate, I must taste you.

The voice was almost begging and Kyle knew that this was not something this man did easily. Even though he was still afraid he relaxed his guard slightly, and tentatively opened his lips. The twins were so hot, it was difficult to resist.

© 2007 by Regina Paul. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Exerpt from Children of Khartar: Leilani's Flight...18+ ONLY

This is an unedited exerpt from a Work in Progress.

Work in Progress, Exerpt #1, Children of Khartar: Leilani’s Flight (18 and up only, this an erotic romance and there is graphic sexual content)

***Note: Here’s a little background story. Leilani has been captured by her father’s people the Khartarians who use human women for breeding purposes since they are unable to procreate with their own females any longer. She is sure this is it, and she will be raped by a Khartarian male and forced to have his babies, until something miraculous happens.***

In the blink of an eye the pressure and friction was gone, and Leilani’s eyes flew open. There were four males in the room neither Khartari nor human. Feeling something soft slide against her skin she looked down and saw blank purple eyes staring into hers. It had been the woman’s hair she’d felt.

The Khartari female fell dead at her feet. Tears slipped from her eyes, she’d been so close! Another two or three pumps of the dildo and she’d have gone off like a rocket!

She looked up again at the men, they were conversing but she couldn’t understand them. They looked humanoid, except they had dark almost black skin and cobalt colored hair, but the strangest thing of all was their turquoise eyes with their elliptical pupils. Suddenly one of the men turned as if finally, truly noticing her. Heat flared in her belly, as he took in the scene.

“Ictara lano?” He enquired in a soft voice.

The drugs still pumping through her system and trying to ignore her body’s demands Leilani replied huskily, “I’m sorry I don’t understand you.” Then groaned as her blood heated, and fluid heat shot straight to her core.

She watched as the man walked towards her, and being very careful not to touch her skin lifted a small box and nodded to her cuffs. Realizing he was going to release her, she nodded back. Light shot from the box and shattered the cuffs. For a second she hung limply rubbing her wrist against her stomach. He signaled her by nodding again as he quickly shattered the rest of her bonds. She fell limply just to the left of the Khartarian female’s body and curled up in a ball. Her skin was so sensitive she felt like she was wearing her nerves on the outside of her body.

“Ictara lano?” The soft voice repeated.

“Just leave me alone.” She husked out. There was silence for a few moments and then, “Do you understand my words now?”

“Yes, oh god, just kill me now!”

Something soft covered her quivering form. “You are safe.”

Unable to say anything Leilani’s long straight black hair fell forward shielding her face and she groaned miserably, her skin and insides burning.

“What is your name?”

Even the sound of his voice hurt her skin, seeming to vibrate against it. “Leilani.” She gasped.

“May I carry you, Leilani?”

Her eyes flew to his, he was serious!

“Yes, just…” she paused as desire dampened her core and she melted inside, “just get me out of here.”

Strong arms lifted her against his chest. “I’m afraid I can’t return you to Earth yet, Leilani but I promise you in time I will.”

She couldn’t decide whether or not to tell him that any place other than Earth or Khartar was probably the safest for her. Her body shivering, her skin electrified she lay as still and quiet against him as she could, burrowing deeper into the blanket he’d wrapped around her.

“I can take away some of your discomfort if you’ll allow me into you mind.”

Allow him into her mind? Were these people telepathic too? How much would he be able to see?

“I will only touch the foremost layer of your mind where the discomfort dwells and dampen it until we are somewhere I can help you.”

She thought about it a moment. “All right.” A second later her skin temperature lowered, and her insides weren’t burning as much. Her nipples were still hard, and her cunt still clenched every so often with small rippling orgasms, but she didn’t feel as though she would burn to a cinder as she had before.

“Thank you.” She whispered. “Oh, thank you so much.”

Leilani thought she felt lips caress her hair, but wasn’t sure, the touch had been so light.

“Where are you taking me?”

“We must get off this ship before they realize you are gone.”

“And we’re going where?”

He hesitated as if suddenly unsure whether or not she could be trusted. “To my ship.” He said finally.

“Good, anywhere is better than here.” Leilani shuddered as the memories of waking up bound returned.

The halls of the ship were quiet and every so often she saw Khartarian warriors who appeared to be unconscious lying on the floor. Hurray for the good guys!

Exhausted from her ordeal and knowing it was not over yet she turned her face into the broad chest she was lying against, breathing deeply through her nose. The man holding her smelled different, earthy and almost wild in a strange way.

Leilani heard her savior’s voice speak words in his own tongue, then her skin tingled for a moment. When she opened her eyes they were on another ship.

© 2007 by Regina Paul. All Rights Reserved.

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Moonlight Romance Authors...

I'll be participating in a group blog with six other romance authors very soon. The group is called Moonlight Romance Authors and we have a little bit of everything! We write all kinds of different sub-genres in romance so there will be something for everyone there! The blog will be online on November 25, 2007. If you love romance then here is your chance to find out about some of the coolest romance authors around! We write historical, paranormal, contemporary, science fiction, and time travel romance to name a few of sub-genres.

Come and visit us on Monday November 25th here Moonlight Romance Authors

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4 Cups from Coffee Time Romance Reviews....

Wow! Two in a matter of one day, how cool is that! I understandably am doing even more of the happy dance today than I was yesterday. Can't wait to see what today holds. Here's the review from Coffee Time Romance Reviews:

ISBN #978-1-934475-06-5
April 2007
Amira Press
44 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Tiana Slickpoo owns an art gallery and lives on the Indian reservation. She is also guarding a sacred object that her grandmother gave her and someone is determined to have the item. Six years earlier, when her boyfriend James chose to leave her for college, Tiana was heart broken. She has guarded her heart since then and is cold toward James when he returns to investigate the theft of some tribal objects.

James Waters, the son of the Tribal Chairman, was once Tiana’s boyfriend. He has returned to his home after a long absence to investigate thefts of tribal objects from the reservation museum and Tiana’s art gallery. He wants Tiana back, but it is going to be a hard journey for him considering how Tiana has put up a wall between them.

Thefts of tribal objects have brought James back to the reservation and to Tiana, the woman he loves. Six years of hurt and pain lie between them. James plans to do everything he can to bridge the gap, but he soon learns that Tiana has kept a secret from him all these years. Things really heat up when Tiana’s grandmother is attacked because of a sacred object. When the identity of the attacker and of who is behind the thefts is revealed, everyone is shocked. However, the time James and Tiana have spent together solving the mystery has allowed them to renew their relationship.

What an intense story. It is chock full of suspense and intrigue. Ms. Paul does a wonderful job leading her readers on an adventurous journey through this story. Watching James and Tiana unravel their complicated relationship brings an extra touch to the book. This story is vastly entertaining and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Candy Cay
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

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Destiny's Choices gets 5 Champagne Flutes from Cocktail Reviews!

I am so doing the happy dance now! Destiny's Choices got 5 Champagne Flutes at Cocktail Reviews! I love it when my books get great reviews, while not so great reviews happen to all authors, after all it is a matter of taste what a reviewer is going to like and not like. I know that first hand as both a reviewer and an author, but it is just so cool when a great review comes in. I just had to share. Here's the review below:

Tiana owns an art gallery. Some thefts have taken place, and a man she’d rather not see again, James, has arrived to investigate. Tiana is less than pleased, and her abrupt way of greeting him made me giggle. She says it how it is. How I long to be like her!

Tiana and James knew each other six years ago, but he chose to attend an out of state college. Unable to go with him, Tiana was also unable to tell James why. They haven’t seen one another in all that time. He loved her then and loves her now. Her attitude towards him when he meets her again leaves him believing there is no chance of reconciliation.

Tiana has been holding a tribal object for the past six years. Someone found out she had it and trashed her cabin. Only a select few know who she is and why she would have the object. Somehow, her identity has leaked out. How will she tell James who she really is: a carrier of sacred objects? Will he understand why she couldn’t go with him out of state, or will he hold it against her?

Find out in Destiny’s Choices, a tale of two people brought back together by fate. Sometimes a man and a woman are just meant to be together! I must also say that the blurb doesn’t do this tale justice. It doesn’t even begin to touch on the excitement factor—and I’m not being derogatory by saying that, but urging readers to give it a read.

An exciting tale which propelled me to the edge of my seat at times, Destiny’s Choices is a keeper for this reader. Nice work, Ms. Paul! Also, Ms. Paul? I loved Tiana’s surname. Slickpoo. I mean, that is just so funny and so darn refreshing! Beats Jones or Brown any day!

---Black Orchid, Cocktail Reviews

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Check out my latest interview...

I was interviewed recently by David Barnett for Associated Content. David asked me some very good, and in depth questions that I think those who want to get to know me, and my works better will enjoy!

You can check it out here.

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A New Award....

Whew! I am so psyched! Just found out today that one of my reviews (I review for Coffee Time Romance) just won the monthly Yank My Chain Award! Needless to say I am doing the happy dance today. Now while one might think, "What does this have to do with her as an author?" it actually does have a lot to do with my being an author. First of all I think it is vitally important for authors to support one another, and being a reviewer is one way that I can give back to the author community. But another way it relates is that in order to write a great review, you have to be able to articulate what you think about a book in only a few paragraphs. This is not always easy, and believe it or not, it really helps me to hone my writing skills when I write reviews. So, yes, it does relate. And heck, as far as I'm concerned, every award counts! LOL

Want to know what book the review was on? It's called Ceremony of Seduction by Cassie Ryan, and it is smokin' hot! You can read my review here.I hope you'll go and check it out, because this is one book you won't want to miss.

Now as if that wasn't cool enough. Another of my reviews made the front page of Coffee Time. (Well, okay, the author made the front page, but a link to the review I did was there also!) So, that is two reviews in one month that got some kind of recognition. The review in question is for a book called Aidan's Chance by Judi Lynne. This is another fantastic author, and I highly recommend this book as well. You can check out my review of Aidan's Chance here.

So, that is my good news for today. Stay tuned, I think I'm on a roll here!

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Heart Dance by Robin D. Owens...

I just finished Heart Dance the next book in the Celta series and all I can say is WOW! That woman can write! This is one book that even though it was a little more expensive because it is the larger paperback version, it was worth every bit of money I paid for it! The fact Robin D. Ownens is able to write such fresh stories over and over in this universe is a testament to the fact that is a stellar writer.

For those of you that are not familiar with Robin D. Owens and her Celta series, here's a bit of background. The stories take place on the planet Celta, which is a colony world of Earth's. Unlike some romance novels where they take place at colonization, these books are set 400 years in the future after colonization. I really love that because the author does such a fantastic job of world building, and explaining about the past and how the colonists got to Celta. So, that being said, here is my review of Heart Dance.

July 2007
ISBN#: 9780425216354
The Berkley Publishing Group
Paranormal Romance
384 Pages
Rating: 5 Worlds

Dufleur Thyme is a young woman who has the very interesting psychic gift or flair of being able to manipulate time. Since experimenting with time is illegal in Druida, Dufleur must practice her flair in secret. She is desperate to clear her father's and family name which was tarnished when her father died in an explosion while experimenting with time. Because she is so focused on these tasks she has set for herself, and because she is afraid she would mess up any relationship she tried to have with a man, she has been rejecting the heart gift that her heartmate sent out into the world causing both herself and him much emotional pain.

Saille Willow has finally been named the head of his household, but while this is some comfort, he still longs for the love of his heartmate Dufleur, who has yet to accept his heart gift. This pains him, but he knows his family has done great damage to the Thymes, and wants to do what he can to make amends by giving his love to Dufleur and helping her. Also in the background is the thought that his MotherDam is not truly dead, but only sleeping in a cryogenics tube on the ship his ancestors came to Celta in, waiting for a cure for her disease. A truly bitter old woman who delighted in hurting those around her, Saille knows if she is revived he will have a fight on his hands to retain control of his family and title.

When Dufleur continues to experiment with time and the curing of disease in spite of Saille's misgivings, he does not know what to do. However, when repeated attempts to offer Dufleur the heartbond are rejected, and then she makes a decision that could only be viewed as a betrayal of him, it becomes a race against time to convince her to stop before she does something that rends them apart forever. But Dufleur is determined to clear her family name at any cost. It is only when she has followed through that she realizes the cost may be too high. Will these two be able to work out their differences or will their bond disintegrate?

Each of the books in the Celta series just gets better and better! I have yet to read one I didn't simply adore and want to read again and again. Ms. Owens' world building is extraordinary. Her understanding of relationships and what can go wrong and right with them, and showing that effectively is superb. I adored Dufleur and Saille and just felt like I wanted to give them a big hug when I read about all they'd been through with their relatives that didn't support them. These characters are written very realistically, and I felt as though they were old friends by the end of the book. They and their world may be imaginary, but Ms. Owens has a talent for making the unreal seem real. I personally would love to visit Celta, and who knows maybe someday we will, or at least a place like it. For now I'll settle for the wonderful books in this series. I highly recommend Heart Dance, and while these books are best read in order since the author introduces new characters in each one, they also stand by themselves quite well. If you enjoy fantasy romance with deep spiritual connections, loving relationships, sentient animals, and lots of suspense, then Heart Dance and the other books in this series are for you!

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Exerpt from Soul Memories...

This is an exerpt from my serial reincarnation romance available on my newsletter group Regina's Universe. I usually add one chapter per month and there are presently 13 chapters available. You can subscribe in the far right column.


Clutching the steering wheel tightly Summer stared out the window at the driving rain pounding the pavement of the country road off of Hwy 99. Dropping her forehead down until it rested on the steering wheel she groaned softly. The car would pick tonight to conk out!

In between Salem and Portland she was trapped on a road that was far less traveled particularly at two o'clock in the morning on a weeknight. There was little chance of being rescued at this hour.

There was no way she was getting out of this car. If only she hadn't left her cell phone at home!

Summer checked and made sure all her doors were locked and slid down into the seat trying to get comfortable enough to sleep.

She awoke to a loud pounding on the glass next to her head. Burrowing her head further into the headrest her sleepy mind just wanted to be left alone to go back to sleep. Why wouldn't the persistent knocker just go away!

When the knocking didn't stop Summer finally opened bleary eyes and found herself peering groggily into a pair of obsidian ones. When her brain finally registered there was a man knocking on her window she reached out and rolled down the window a half inch.

"Yes?" She croaked. The man was spectacular, mahogany skin with two long braids that brushed the sides of his trim hips, and silver disks in his ears. She felt her libido stand up and take notice. Oh yes! I want some of that, and some of that…mmmm…yummy.

"Looks like your car broke down." It was a statement rather than a question, his voice deep.

"Uh, yeah, do you have a cell phone I could borrow to call a tow truck?"

When he just grinned and thumbed towards his vehicle she saw it was a tow truck.

"Oh." Summer said baldly. Still handsome as he was she wasn't sure she trusted him enough to get into his truck with him.

As if sensing her indecision he smiled showing even white teeth and then put up one finger while he went back to his truck. When he returned she saw he was carrying a cell phone. He made a motion for her to roll down the window a bit more.

Summer hesitated a moment and then rolled the window down just enough for him to hand the cell phone through.

"I know a woman alone can't be too careful, my business card is there, why don't you call my dispatcher. She can vouch for me, and you can stay on the phone the whole time we're driving back to Portland, or Salem wherever you need to go."

"Portland." She returned distracted. Could she trust him? It could be a trick. He was tall and big boned, it wouldn't be difficult to get the phone away from her if he had other ideas.

Making her mind up quickly, Summer popped the lock and he moved out of the way so she could disembark from her car. Pushing long tangled blonde hair from her face she muttered, "I don't know what the hell happened to it, the engine just died, and I'm not good with cars." She rolled her eyes in disgust.

"Aren't you going to call?" He nodded towards the cell phone and business card in her hand.

"Huh, oh yeah." Turning over the business card in her hand she dialed the number with the thumb of her other hand and put the phone to her ear, all the while casting surreptitious glances at his butt when he turned around as though to give her privacy.

"White Eagle Towing." A female voice answered.

"Uh…uh, do you have an Indian tow truck driver out on Hwy 99?" Summer asked baldly. She hadn't gotten his name.

Peals of laughter met her question. "Another stray, huh?" The woman asked.

Confused Summer said, "What?"

"Never mind, yes, he owns the company. His name is Hawk Kills Pretty Enemy and he's known to patrol 99 looking for people who might be stuck. He's safe."

"Oh, uh, good. I'm gonna hang up now."

"Ok." The woman sounded amused.

Summer hit the button to hang up the phone and started to hand it back to him.

"No, you keep it for now." Hawk said smiling widely. "You'll feel safer."

Summer shrugged and went to stand on the side of the road while he worked on hooking up her little Mercedes Benz so it could be towed. Shivering she pulled the hot pink suit jacket that had been warm enough yesterday afternoon more closely to her. Her nylons weren't enough to keep her legs warm and her high heels twisted on the gravel. It was difficult to stand upright with the gravel slipping around beneath her feet.

"You can wait in the truck you know?" He called out as he bent over to hook something to her car.

Very nice butt.

"Ok." Walking over to the passenger side, Summer found it unlocked and climbed in. The keys were still in the ignition and the heat was on as though he'd known she'd be cold.

Finally warm enough Summer's shivers stopped and she turned to look at Hawk as he climbed in next to her.

"So, what's your name? You already know mine."


"That because of your blonde hair and fair coloring?" He teased.

"I don't actually know. My parents died before I could ask them. I was raised by my Aunt, and she refused to speak of it."

"How is it spelled?"

"Like the season."

"So, not S-o-m-m-e-r then as in German."


"Interesting." Hawk paused. "So what do you do for a living?"

Summer knew he was trying to put her at ease by making small talk, but her tongue felt all tied up and her mind went blank for a second before the answer was there. Men! Fry your brain in a heartbeat, especially good looking men!

"I'm an antiques dealer. I own Summer's Antiques." She replied quietly.

His eyes were surprised when he turned towards her. "I've heard of you. You refuse to sell Indian artifacts, and if you do buy them you try to return them to the tribe they belong to."

The engine revved deeply not unlike its owner's voice, before Hawk pulled out onto 99 and began the trek back to Portland.

"I'm just doing what's right. A lot of those items are from graves, or were stolen from Indian peoples by corrupt Indian agents. I refuse to sell anything that's from a grave or that might have been stolen. It's wrong!" She stated vehemently.

Hawk nodded, a new found respect in his eyes. "You're right it is wrong, but it's not often I meet a wasichu who feels that way."

"I've always felt that way. I don't know why."

Hawk merely looked thoughtful at that and then fell silent for long moments.

"You don't happen to have a garage attached to that business do you?" She finally asked.

"Actually I do, make more money that way." He smiled widely.

"Do you think you could fix my car then so I don't have to have you tow it somewhere else?"

"No problem. I can even give you a ride home once we drop it off…" he wiggled his eyebrows suggestively. "… if you like and you can pick it up later today or early tomorrow depending on what's wrong with it."

Summer sighed with relief, now she wouldn't have to try and have it towed somewhere else.

Thinking of her over extended credit card, Summer heaved another sigh, this one of resignation. She just hoped nothing was seriously wrong with this car. Then again, maybe it would be worth it.

Another quick sideways glance at her host caused a little quicksilver thrill to race through her. Yeah, it would be worth it, eyecandy and the teasing not withstanding he actually appeared to be a nice guy.

(c)2006-2007 by Regina Paul. All Rights Reserved.

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I love google alerts! They keep me in touch with where my books are popping up on the internet. Yesterday I got one for my romantic suspense Destiny's Choices and saw that someone had rated the book 4 stars! Woo hooo! That really made my day!

Every author knows that not everyone is going to like their books, that is just a fact of life. It is something that as an author I've learned to live with, but so far this particular book is getting very good ratings.

Of course the other cool thing is that my book is now available from and I don't believe it was there earlier in the month so that is good news! The more places it is available the more of a chance the word the gets out.

Friday, July 6, 2007

New Group on YouTube...

Well, I don't know if this is actually going to help or not, people on YouTube don't seem to be as interested in turning it into a social network as say MySpace for example. I friended some people, and I've started a Video Book Trailer Group for people to post their book trailers and so we can discuss the making of book trailers. I've had a few sign-ups on the group, but so far no one has responded to my friend requests.

I think this idea of having channels and turning YouTube into a social network type thing must be relatively new. Hopefully, as I work to get the word out, others will join. I think the group could be a really helpful tool for authors which is of course my main goal. I want to give other authors a new place to discuss book trailers. So, we'll see what happens with it.

Anyone that is interested can sign up here.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Book Cover and Trailer...

In honor of my second year at Lulu Press Inc. I've created a brand new cover for Getting Out Alive. While I was very satisfied with my previous cover, it is time for a change. A smaller version of the new cover is in the right column, and a larger version can be seen on my website at

Since I now have a new cover I also had to create an updated version of my video book trailer as well. Which actually turned out to be a good thing because I found better software and you can see the pictures and wording much more clearly.

You can view the trailer below. And of course as always comments on both the new cover and trailer are welcome! :-)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Destiny's Choices Video Book Trailer...

Check it out!

Friday, June 15, 2007

New Review for Destiny's Choices...

Got another great review for Destiny's Choices from Once Upon a Romance!

I love getting reviews, and getting another positive one is fantastic!

Tiana has a destiny. She is the keeper of a sacred object. She is extremely aware of how important this object is to her family and her people. However someone else is aware of the importance of it and they will stop at nothing to take it from her.

When James returns to the Reservation after a long absence, the first person he wants to see is Tiana. He loves her. Their parting was bitter sweet. He is concerned when he discovers people are ransacking Tiana’s home and work. Why?

The last person Tiana wants to see is James. Her life moved on after he left the Reservation. Does she want to pick up where they left off? When Tiana’s grandmother is attacked, she realizes that someone will go to violent lengths to take the sacred object she is entrusted with from her. But who is it and why do they want it? Tiana turns to James for help and he is more than glad to help her.

This is a short book but it’s quite powerful. I liked the fact that Tiana was incredibly aware of her place in the world and what she had been entrusted to look after. I felt there was a strong theme that sometimes even true love has to be denied as the valuing of culture is more important. I found the character of James a nice contrast to Tiana as he had left the Reservation and been out in the world and yet he still came back to what mattered to him most. I think readers will be able to identify with that.

I would have liked to have read more on these characters and their beliefs as it made interesting reading. I won’t ruin the story, but what happens to the Tiana’s grandmother in hospital is interesting. Her beliefs and acceptance of her destiny appealed to me. I believe the title Destiny’s Choices sums the book up nicely as all the characters have to make choices – some spiritual and some personal and they are aware what their sacrifices mean.

Destiny’s Choices is a quick read but an enjoyable one. It has sweet romance, mystery and fascinating level of spiritualism. I enjoyed it and I would like to read more.

Janet--Once Upon A Romance