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Author in the Spotlight: Tara Fox Hall


I'm an OSHA-certified safety and health inspector at a metal fabrication shop in upstate New York. I have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics with a double minor in chemistry and biology from Binghamton University. My writing credits include nonfiction, horror, suspense, erotica, and contemporary and historical paranormal romance. I am the author of the paranormal action-adventure fantasy Lash series and the vampire romantic suspense Promise Me series. I also coauthored (with Eric Dietrich) the nonfiction book Forbidden Conversations I divide my free time unequally between writing novels and short stories, chainsawing firewood, caring for stray animals, sewing cat and dog beds for donation to animal shelters, and target practice.

Blurb:  In a desperate effort to halt her transformation to vampire, and stop her longing for the sultry Devlin, Sarelle willingly takes a drug to kill her desire, even as Danial prepares for the introduction of their son Theoron at a Vampire Gathering on New Year’s Eve. Faced with Theo’s betrayal at the eleventh hour, Sarelle must either trust in Danial to save her, or join forces with Devlin, revealing her secret desire for him.

“What can you prescribe to help both Sar and I fight our urges?” Danial asked.

Stephen turned to Danial. “I checked into several options. As you know there are a few drugs on the market that combat turning—”

“Most just give the blood a foul taste while increasing the body’s ability to manufacture new blood,” Danial said with a grimace. “Those are similar to the blood replenishing packets Sar used before. Mostly hunters use them as a last desperate effort.”

“I didn’t mean those,” Stephen quickly assured him. “I meant something to combat the desire to be bitten. This would work psychotropically, not just physically.”

I didn’t like the sound of that. “What will it do? And why didn’t you mention this before, back when The Lust first presented itself?”

“We couldn’t use it before because you were pregnant. The drug will take away your desire to be with a vampire and let you control yourself until the virus leaves your system. But,” he added, “It’s a trade off. You’ll feel differently while on it, and it may affect your personality.”

“What do you mean?” Theo and Danial said together.

“Sar will lose her desire,” Stephen said simply. “Medically, you can’t suppress one biological urge, and not suppress another of the same kind. She’ll act a lot less driven and passionate about all of her needs and desires.”

His explanation scared and repelled me. I’d never wanted to be anyone other than who I was. “Isn’t there anything else less severe?”

“Not really,” Stephen replied. “Humans who are turning can be very unpredictable, going to enormous lengths to complete the process. They can become violent, or sometimes even harm themselves in an effort to attract a vampire to finish the job.” “What other options are there?” Danial asked. “There isn’t much else. You can either turn her, or Sar goes into solitary confinement for the next two months. Any vampire will be attracted to her in this state, and she will be attracted to them. It won’t take long for one to take advantage.”

One already had. “Do it,” I said softly. “I can’t live like I’ve been living.” Stephen nodded, and left the room. “Sarelle, are you sure?” Danial said, concerned. “This is what you want?” I didn’t want to be on drugs. What I wanted was to have Theo and Danial both, and maybe Devlin, too. Alas, life regrettably wasn’t fantasy. “It’s the only line of attack left.”

“Say this does work for her,” Danial said slowly to Stephen. “What do you have that will work on me? I can’t risk taking anything that might compromise my reasoning or reaction time—”

“You should be fine without drugs,” Stephen replied. “The one Sar is being prescribed will alter her behavior enough so she won’t provoke any encounters. From what you’ve told me, your actions with her weren’t outside a normal vampire’s desire for sex and blood. You never sought her out for either from sheer physical need or desire, something I’m surprised at. But you also showed remarkable restraint under The Lust, so it may be either a testament to your strength of will, or that you’re so new at making vampires.”

“You’re sure?” Theo stated. “I don’t want to risk him being around her if you aren’t.”

“We’re going to find out. Dose me,” I said bitterly. “I have to do something, and this is the only option I can live with.”

“I understand why you feel that way, Sar,” Danial said. “But I’m hesitant to—”

“It’s her body,” Theo growled. “So it’s her decision, not yours.”
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