Saturday, November 30, 2013

Guest Post: My Muse Strikes Again by Leslie Ferdinand

Partnering with my nameless writing muse, the fertility goddess has been working overtime.  There are many gods and goddesses of fertility, so choose whichever one you like best.   Without giving too much away, only one pregnancy will be in the entire four book Wicked Allure Series. That’s how I see it.  .  My mother and her muse, Jerome, may see differently.  Oh, yeah, I’m sure Jerome will.  He’s wicked and stubborn. Why did she name him Jerome?  Damn, if I know, but, at least her devil-angel has a name.  Unlike my own, who pushes ideas into my head, and then floats away and convenes afar.  While Jerome hides under the bed when our hero and heroine decide to get it on, my inspiration zips back in, showing me exactly what she’s working with.    Lately, she’s been commiserating with Venus.  Who knows why?  In Picture Perfect, there’s more than one pregnancy! Maybe, my muse’s clock is ticking, so she’s leaving me deal to deal with all these pregnant heroines.  Or, maybe, subconsciously, I’m preparing for the day when my daughters grow up and have children.
While I enjoyed being pregnant, I was put on bed rest for all three of my girls. I can only imagine what situations my muse and Jerome will create for my ladies to deal with. Discover what happens when Jerome teams with Venus and my wild little angel who entrances me with ideas. Find out who the mommies-to-be are in Picture Perfect!

About Leslie C. Ferdinand:

Leslie C. Ferdinand and her mother, Shirley H. Ferdinand, have been writing together since 1991. Leslie is divorced and the mother of three daughters. She is Shirley’s only child. Under their pen name, Christine Holden, they sold five books to Berkley/Jove between 1998 and 2001. Picture Perfect is their first Liquid Silver Books release. They are currently hard at work on their next projects.