Friday, November 22, 2013

Guest Blog: Twenty Sentences About Author Dilys J. Carnie
1. I was born in Middlesex London.
2. At the age of two months my parents moved to Scotland where we lived for ten years.

3. I have three sisters, two of which live close by.

4. My dad was Scottish.

5. My mum was born in Bristol U.K.

6. Both my children were born on Anglesey an island on the west coast of Wales U.K.

7. I have two children, Emma 24 a school teacher and Chris 20(soon to be 21) works in the family business.

8. I trained as a hairdresser.

9. I was also a Diana nurse.

10. I owned my own organic skin care shop.

11. I love to make beauty products, messing around with different ingredients.

12. I love to read.

13. I love going to the gym and doing Pilates.

14. I’m O.C.D with cleaning and making sure that if anyone moves anything it has to go back in exactly the same place.

15. I love to sing but I’m tone deaf.

16. I cannot function without fresh coffee.

17. I’m a pescetarian, I don’t eat any meat or meat related products. I eat a little fish but no seafood. I don’t wear anything that has been killed and I try and only use products that are not tested on animals.

18. I love to dress up, have my hair and nails done.

19. I hate having dirty hands it drives me mad.

20. When I make pastry I have to wear gloves because I can’t stand the feel of flour on my hands.