Monday, October 28, 2013

Manic Monday: Ummmm....Triberr....

Photo from Morguefile
This Monday's post is about Triberr. Unlike a lot of other authors I'm not having such good luck with Triberr which is kinda sad since I think in theory it's a great idea. The biggest problem in my opinion is that free members can only have 30 people in their tribe. After that you're kinda stuck. No one else can join, and while I get the idea that you have to spend a little money to make money, I'm think it's obvious that some tribe chiefs feel like I do a bit cautious. So, I've joined two tribes that I would love to be able to be a member of, both are dealing with romance books and books in general, and since I'm an author that makes sense. Big problem though, since both groups have 30 members so I'm sharing all their stuff but none of mine is getting shared. Major not good in my opinion. So apparently the way to get around that is to create my own tribe which I've done. Romance Book Broadcast. So far it's just me, but I've sent out several invites to authors I like. I didn't base it on how many followers they have or how far their reach is because I think you should have authors that you like and that you want to recommend to your readers.

So, we'll see how that goes. Hopefully I'll get some followers and some of these lovely posts I've been doing which are way fun by the way will get a bit more traffic. Stay tuned to this blog to see my results and to get more tips for using Triberr effectively!