Thursday, September 19, 2013

Eye Candy Thursdays...

Well, I'm sure I'm not the first woman to say "bring on the eye candy, yum!" So on Thursdays I'll be sharing a photo or two of some very hot male eye candy. After all we all need a little eye candy to get us through the rest of the week until the weekend!

One thing I do want to mention here though, you won't find the eye candy photos here on my blog and there's a reason for that. Most if not all of the really good eye candy photos are copyrighted. As an author I believe very strongly in protecting not just my own copyrights and not just for my e-books, but for other types of art as well. I'm the nerd that actually reads all the permissions on the free 3D art stuff that I download so I make sure I follow what I can actually use the item for. LOL

Instead, I'm using a Pinterest board titled "Male Eye Candy" to share great eye candy that I find around the web. The cool thing is this way I can share more with you my readers than I could if I just posted one or two photos that I actually could find and use legally. Pinterest is great because it provides a link to where the photo originally came from and so the original owner gets credit and I'm only "pinning it" not saving it to my computer and then putting it on my blog without permission. So, it's Thursday and I've posted some new eye candy to my board, check it out!