Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween World! By Ciara Lake

Don’t you love to dress up and pretend?  I do.  I like to decorate too.  I recently attended a costume party at my friend’s house.  The theme was “not so nice” Disney characters.  My friend’s house was amazingly decorated and the guests dressed up in great outfits.  It was so much fun.  It was an opportunity for adults to be like children and sometimes we grownups need to regress.   I dressed up as Snow White’s evil queen.  Pretending to be a naughty character is lots of fun.  I practiced my wicked laugh and got pretty good at the cackle.  Halloween is a time to allow your imagination to go wild and free.  It is a wonderful time to dream up new ideas.  Tonight little monsters are coming to my door for goodies.  It’s rainy and chilly in Ohio this year but has not seemed to stop the little creatures from begging for candy. 
                 In Angel for Avery, which is coming out in February there is treat or trick scene with a bad monster at their door.   But my heroine is protected by her guardian angel.  Ah, just got an idea… to have a book start with a modern day masquerade party.  Yep, that’s on my list now. 
                Halloween is the beginning of the fun holidays, at least to me.  Soon we will be decorating for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I love the lights and the atmosphere they create.  I put lights up for Halloween too.  I write a lot over the holiday times.  I have time off work and spend days and nights writing up my dreams.  I am busy working on the next in the Forsaken series and will use a lot of my time off to get much done.  At least this is my hope.  I have so many projects in writing to accomplish. 
                My newest book is coming out in the beginning of November, Forsaken Norse Wind.    It is about a troll and his beautiful mate.  My spin on the troll is a bit different from usual tales.  He is ugly only when he wants to be and gorgeous all other times.    
                Writing has been a blessing in that I have connected with wonderful people, like my series co-writer, Elise Whyles and my publishers.  Writing has also been a learning experience and I feel blessed with this opportunity.

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays!   

Ciara Lake